Summer of 2013

I feel like I should just start with an explanation of everything that has happened all summer…..starting with seeing my OB/GYN in May.  I have been her patient for probably 4 years, coming in as required for my yearly exam.  I have always liked her, as much as you can like someone poking around your lady parts.  She is actually really well respected in my area, and its hard to even get on her patient list.  I think I just got lucky a few years ago when I moved here.  But still, it takes months to get in to see her.  Months.  So I called in February, and finally got in in May.  During those months something went haywire. My normally dependable 28 day cycle became unpredictable and I was no longer getting positive results on my ovulation tests each month.  She and I had a nice chat, and she ordered some tests.  At this point we had been trying for a year and a half.  A year and a half of peeing on so many strips and sticks I cant even tell you.  Charting every day, keeping track of everything, doing the dance when we needed too, and nothing.  I was exausted.  All of it is exhausting.  And no one likes when Aunt Flo visits, but it becomes devestating month after month after month.  At one point I didnt even want to do the deed at all, for an entire month, just becuase at least there would be a legitimate reason why I wasn’t pregnant.  Depressing.

So my husband did his duty (into a cup) which I took to the lab to have analyzed (which btw there are a lot of rules to follow and a time limit to get the sample there).  I went to the lab, twice.  The first time they did a test to confirm if I had ovulated (on day 21 of my cycle) and they also tested my TSH level, which is a thyroid fuction test.  In my case, its actually a test to see if my medication is functioning at the proper level bc I have been on hormone replacement for an under active thyroid since I was born.  The thyroid test was normal, and the ovulation test was inconcusive.  So I went back again, in June, for a second ovulation test, which was also inconclusive.  My husband’s test came back normal except his Motility which was slightly lower than normal.  I also got the HSG done.  What a horrible and painful procedure that was to endure!  And scary.  That also came back normal with no blockage.

At the end of June I went back to see Dr. R. for my follow up.  My husband was supposed to come, but unfortunately they called me on a Friday to tell me my appointment had been moved up a week (to the coming monday) and he had a work conflict, so I went alone.   This appointment was beyond disappointing.  I had such hope that I would get some answers, a plan, or at leasts more tests.  None of that happened.  Basically she told me that I was “probably fine” but since my husband had a slightly low number on the motility level she would refer us to a local fertility clinic.  If they thought I could benefit from clomid, I could come back and she woudl prescribe it, but she wanted to see what they said first.  I was confused.  There was no evidence I was even ovulating and she thought I was fine!?!?!  What!?!?  She basically said that they may have done the test on the “wrong day” becuase my cycle was irregular they could have been to0 early or too late in my cycle.  They do the test on day 21 based on a 28 day cycle, which I no longer have a 28 day cycle.  Sometimes its 26 days, sometimes it 33 days…..and given that she knew that beforehand why even do the test?  Especially twice….on my dime!  I left the doctors office really confused and frustrated.

So that was that, now it was time to go see the fertility doctor.


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