Finally November

November is here, finally. After months of not being able to TTC our month for IUI #1 is here. AF should arrive this week, I hope. Meanwhile, as I wait for her to show up, I am on the couch pounding Emergen-C, water, and hot tea doing my best to fight off the cold that is trying to take over my body. So far I have had a bit of a sore throat that’s turning into a cough. Last week I barely slept and was running on adrenaline fueled by stress. When I finally finished my project last Friday (a huge success), and could relax my body started letting me know how pissed it was that I ran it ragged. The weather also changed over the weekend. I won’t complain too much because it doesn’t really get cold here in comparison to other places, but it was just enough to push me over the edge. Thankfully I am able to work from home today in hopes of getting better quickly. My husband’s birthday celebration is this weekend in Napa. His actual bday isn’t until December but it’s hard to get people to go away in December so we are doing it now. We rented a Villa with a bunch of our friends. I would really like to not feel like crap for this, because I have been planning it for 8 months.  Aside from just this weekend, I need my body to be strong this month.  I am off to take a mid morning nap! 


2 thoughts on “Finally November

  1. Ya for your IUI cycle finally being here….but boo for your potential sickness! I hope you’re able to fight it off before it hits in full force, especially b/c of your vacation!!!

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