Hand Selfie and other updates

I must explain my hand selfie.  I have NEVER in my life had long beautiful fingernails.  EVER.  I usually chomp those babies down at the first sign of stress or excitement.  I have been biting my nails since I was little.  My mom tried everything to make me stop when I was young, and I have tried many things as well as an adult and nothing has ever worked.  I don’t want to bite my nails.  Actually when I think about it, it’s really gross and dirty.  For whatever reason it has been a compulsion my entire life.  Completely subconscious.  Usually I have no idea I am doing it until it’s too late.  The exciting part, however, is that for whatever reason for the past few months I stopped biting them.  They are long and amazing for the first time in my life.  I am so excited.  The prenatal vitamins have really helped with making them grow out quickly, and as soon as they were all long enough I rewarded myself by getting a Gel manicure.  I have kept them manicured for about the last 5 or 6 weeks, and as long as they are looking good with the gel polish I have had no urge to bite them at all!  At the first sign of peeling I have to get the gel redone, or else I will literally peel it all off, and start biting them again.  I have about a 24 hour window from the first one chipping.  Yesterday on the car ride home from our trip I started to enter the danger zone.  If you have ever had gel, you know when your nails start to grow out it will peel up near the cuticle.  My gel lasts just over 2 weeks thanks to the rapid growing of my nails right now.  We got home pretty early in the day and a friend asked me to join her for a manicure.  Now for the tie in to my blog….I went with Green polish, which turned out to be a little more out there than I thought it would be….BUT green is not only my favorite color, but its a lucky color.  I figured I could use a little extra luck this month!  IUI #1 will likely happen by next Wednesday!

A side note…taking a flattering hand selfie was more challenging that you might think!

hand selfie


In other news, our weekend in Napa/Sonoma was perfection (minus that small incident on Thursday night).  I am so grateful for the amazing friends that we have, and everything really fell into place perfectly.  I have been planning (and saving) for the trip for almost a year, so it was so nice that everything worked out as perfectly as it did.

Tomorrow is cycle day 7, and my last day of taking Femara.  Thus far I haven’t really had any side effects which I am also grateful.  Wednesday I start taking estrace, which from reading the literature sounds like it has the potential to have more side effects that Femara so we will see.  I also leave for the bay area on Wednesday morning to spend one night in San Jose and one night in San Francisco.  I am hopeful I can get out of the city early enough to beat any bad traffic but who knows.  While I am not excited to travel this week, it should make the week go fast.  Saturday I will start OPKs, and I will be going in by next Monday at the latest (day 13).  One week from today…..which is crazy.  Based on all of this, and my travel schedule (trip to LA for work the week after Thanksgiving), the first day I will be back and could do a blood test is Dec 5th.  That also happens to be my husbands actual 40th bday.  While I know a negative has the potential to put a damper on the day, I am going to just look at it as a good sign.

It has sort of amazed me out the timing on everything has worked out.  I mean with the trip we were already taking last weekend, the holiday with family coming into town, and my work travel schedule, it could have been a real nightmare (not to say things won’t just pop up work wise).   I barely even had cramps this month which is very rare for me with my endometriosis.  Even that could have ruined part of my trip and I was somehow okay.  I have been really careful not to get my hopes up too high but I really do have a positive feeling about everything, and with how the timing has worked out I can’t help but know God is really looking over me on this one.


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