T Minus 14 Hours

The past few days have been non-stop.  Basically since Wednesday (when I started Estrace) I have been EXHAUSTED.  Like I can’t keep my eyes open.  I have also had a mild to moderate headache  most of the time and for some reason everything smells like pee.   (I was convinced my dog was having accidents everywhere in my house but then I went to the garage where she never goes and I thought that smelled like pee too!  My step son and husband both said I was crazy!)  ANYWAY….I was so happy to get home on Friday just to lay down.  Yesterday was my step son’s last soccer game followed by his soccer team party.  When you are tired and your head is pounding its really hard to be around 10 little boys and their siblings running around screaming for 2 hours.  It was brutal.  One of the other mom’s has a 1 month old baby, so I pretty much held her the whole time and tried to focus on her fabulous baby smell, and not all the screaming.  Thankfully when I got home I was able to take a nap because we had to go out to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night.  We had the babysitter come a little early so we could actually spend some time out together before stopping by the party.  While I love our friends throwing the party, they are what you might call “party animals” and the hubs and I were not in the mood to go hard.  We stopped in for one drink before making our exit.  I was actually asleep by 10pm, and still woke up at 8 exhausted. 

Today began with a postive OPK.  I was super nervous that the line wasn’t dark enough and I somehow messed it up, but I figured better safe than sorry so I called in and told them it was positive.  Saturday when I tested there was a light line and today was much darker so I figured we were going in the right direction.  When I called in the only time I could come in was 11.  I was really looking forward to church this week but 11 is smack dab in the middle.  The hubs and I drove seperately to chuch and I left early to my appointment.  I was doing my best to stay calm but suddenly this has all become very real.

The good news is that I did not mess up reading my OPK and I have two follicles, one on each side.  The left side is sporting a 21mm, and the right a 24mm.  My lining was also 9mm, which the doctor said was good.  The nurse gave me my trigger shot, and I’ll be back in the stirrups at 10:30 tomorrow morning for my IUI.  I really need to get some good socks for this.  My pedi is trashed, and its cold in that room! 

On a side note I would like to give a shout out to my amazing co-workers who have been amazing at covering for me.  It’s really difficult to plan my work schedule around all this stuff, and a few of these awesome people have stepped up at the last minute and I cannot imagine the stress I would feel without them. 

I need lots and lots and lots of prayers pretty please!  And while you’re at it if you could also pray that I stop smelling pee smell all the time that would be awesome.


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