Just Your Average Trip to Safeway

On my grocery list:


Green Beans

Vaginal Suppositories

Lysol Floor Cleaner

Soft Scrub


Totally normal right?  So they did an IUI Monday morning and this morning.  My husband’s count and motility was awesome.  When he had is SA in May his motility was in the 30% range.  Today and yesterday it was almost 80%!  So consider this a glowing endorsement for a few months of Men’s Fertility Blend Vitamins.  The procedure itself was pretty anticlimactic.  I don’t know what I expected exactly. 

I have a sort of weird sense of humor, so when my husband was in dropping off his contribution to the process I found it funny to text him things like “how is your date going?  Getting lucky?”  I am not sure how much he appreciated my humor in the situation but I find it important to be able to be able to laugh a little (so I don’t cry).

Of course there was only one pharmacy in my area which has the lovely progesterone suppositories in stock, and said pharmacy is in a Safeway which is incredibly inconvenient to where I live and work.  It is close to the clinic, but since I had to go to work after the appointment today and they have to be refrigerated I couldn’t really go pick them up right after.  On a side note, if you are ever at a grocery store pharmacy and you see a long line behind you, DO NOT ask the pharmacy cashier to also ring up your FULL cart of groceries.  Its rude.  Anyway so I got them, after waiting on the aforementioned inconsiderate jerk to pay for their groceries. 

In other news I had to set foot into Pottery Barn Kids today.  Normally this doesn’t really bother me so much, but today with 16 days of waiting ahead of me, it kind of got to me.  A friend of mine works there, and they raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s hospital this time of year so I needed to drop off my donation.  Of course when I went in she was helping someone so I started to wander around while I was waiting.  Bad idea.  After very briefly looking through the nursery section I felt the breakdown coming and I retreated to the other side of the store.  if nothing else I am hoping my good deed will bring me some good karma. 

On a final and positive note, I woke up to the most awesome text from L today.  She text me saying she woke up with the chant “get knocked up, get knocked up” going through her head and she was sure it had to be for me,  I think I am going to start chanting that to my lady parts for the next few weeks.  You know, in case they need some encouragement. 



3 thoughts on “Just Your Average Trip to Safeway

  1. We had EXCELLENT results from Fertility Blend for Men too! My hubby was on it for 3+ months at our first IUI 11/8 and his motility jumped from 14% to 87%!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with your 2WW! I hope you’re incredibly busy and don’t have time to dwell like me! LOL. Side note, I found out that you don’t REALLY have to refrigerate the progesterone suppositories, kind of by accident. I had a flight last Thursday with 1 layover, and I had a baggy full of suppositories for the weekend that didn’t melt one bit within a 7 hour time span. I was a little worried, but didn’t have many options.

    Love your friends chant….too cute!

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