2WW of shoes Day 3

Here is today’s shoes.  I actually haven’t worn these in quite some time so clearly my little challenge for myself is already working out (making me wear stuff I don’t normally wear).  These are from Cathy Jean but like 2 years ago.  The top part is in pretty good shape, but I have had to super glue on the bottoms a few times.  Cathy Jean has some cute stuff but its not meant to last a long time.  I was in search of some gray boots and these fit the bill.  They also have tread on the bottom, which not all boots do.  I can’t buy boots without tread or I will end up falling on my face (its actually happened).  I have paired my boots with a cute grey sweater dress and black leggings.    Maybe if I have another 2WW I will do 2 weeks of leggings.  They are my favorite.  Where do I stand on the whole leggings as pants controversy?  Well there are some leggings that can be worn as pants, and some that probably shouldnt be, but are ok under an extra long sweater or dress.  There is one thing that I am sure of though, tights are NOT PANTS.  EVER.  I would think this would be obvious, however the receptionist in our office this week wore see through black tights as pants earlier in the week, paired with a sweater.  Not a particularly long one either.  You could literally see her butt crack.  I am in shock her boss didn’t send her home.  So inappropriate.  Anyway enough on my rant about that. 

In other news, my stomach has been slightly upset the past 36 hours or so.  I am not sure if this is from the progesterone, or from constipation (which is always an issue for me).  Since I haven’t been drinking coffee things are moving even slower than normal.  I had a big container of assorted veggies (brussel sprouts, squash, green beans and some mashed sweet potato) from Whole Foods for lunch today so hopefully that helps.  I have been doing an awesome job of drinking a ton of water the past few weeks but that doesn’t seem to be helping.  Otherwise I have been feeling really tired.  I don’t have a super busy work week thankfully so I have been letting my body get extra rest.  I am sure that can’t hurt! 

Happy Friday to everyone!



2 thoughts on “2WW of shoes Day 3

  1. First, I love all of your shoes. I seriously want them all!

    Also, this seems like a fantastic idea to make the 2ww go by quicker and hopefully with less obsessing. I may steal it at some point!

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