2WW of Shoes Day 4- Weekend Edition


Todays kicks come to you from one of my fav shoe brands, Toms.  As I mentioned, comfort is very important to me, and as far as I am concerned you can’t beat Toms for comfort.  I have already completely worn out two pair of black toms.  These cute little stichouts I actually got aon a Zuilily flash sale over the summer.  It was sort of an impluse buy because they were literally half the price of the same ones they had online, and I love them.  The bottom of this pair is actually way more substantial than the “classic” Toms.  They don’t sell this color any more but they do have a few other colors of the same design.  I probably would have had a hard time paying $64 dollars for them (I only paid like $30).  Now that Ihave them I can see paying $64.  http://www.toms.com/womens/shoes/stitchouts/turquoise-navy-women-s-bimini-stitchouts/s

In other news, I am thinking that the extra progesterone flowing through my system must give a similar effect to “pregnancy brain” because I have been doing some stupid shit the fast few days. 

Example 1: I left the sink on after finishing brush my teeth and didn’t notice until I got out of the shower.  There is a direct line of site through my glass shower wall to the sink.  And the sink was literally on full blast.

Example 2:  I sort of “lost my sense of place” yesterday and ran into the end of a wall so hard I have a boob bruise and my knuckle is swollen.

Example 3:  I put conditioner on my face instead of facewash in the shower this morning.  One would like I would have noticed as soon as I put it on my face, but no…I actually started rubbing it in before it hit me that it was not the light and refreshing orange scent of my facewash. 

I promise I don’t normally do stuff like this!  I am almost frightened to see what kind of stuff I do when I actually get pregnant. 



One thought on “2WW of Shoes Day 4- Weekend Edition

  1. Example 3 made me laugh out loud. I haven’t noticed a progesterone connection, but I can definitely relate. My latest moment was pouring egg beaters into my coffee instead of creamer and not realizing until I took a sip.

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