2WW of Shoes Day 6: Back to Work

Today’s pick is pretty simple, but that’s why I bought them.  They are also courtesy of Old Navy.  I am super impressed with their flats.  They are comfortable right off the bat.  I am so Thankful for this short week of work.  Today, however, is going to be a busy one.  Tomorrow I am only coming in for a few hours in the morning, and I am sort of undecided about working on Wednesday.  My husband’s parents will be here on Tuesday so maybe I can get away with working from home.  I really shouldn’t have anything going on.  I actually have to work on Thanksgiving, from 7pm until 1 am.  I am sort of back and forth on weather or not I am going to post on my particular feelings on this.  I mean overall I think its ridiculous that Black Friday has creeped its way into Thanksgiving.  It’s just wrong, And I really hope its not successful (although I doubt that will be the case).  Anyway I will save the rest of that rant for my possible future post.  Have a happy Monday people!  Image


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