2WW of Shoes Day 7


Today I went for comfort.  I got these boots in Portland last winter in a little boutique on 23rd st and they were super cheap.  They have held up remarkably well considering.  Speaking of, I went to Macy’s today in search of new high  black boots.  They are a staple of my wardrobe and the pair I bought last year has seen better days.  I got an awesome coupon for Macy’s and I have a gift card.  Unfortunately of the few pair that I found that I actually like, they were either unbearably uncomfortable, or they didnt have my size!  What a bummer!  They had a pretty large selection of flat black boots too, except like 90% of them had no tread!  Annoying!  I need tread!

I am working from home for the rest of the day because I am getting my carpets cleaned.  They should be here soon to start.  It seemed like a GREAT idea a few weeks ago when I scheduled, but now, with most of my furniture moved out of its place, and my husbands parents showing up in a few hours, I am not sure the timing was well thought out.  I am guessing they will probalby finish about the time that his parents arrive.  I also have errands to run that I just didn’t get to yet.  No idea when im getting that done!  Well the carpet people are here.  Wish me luck


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