Pedicures are Cheap Therapy

This morning I treated myself to a pedicure and gel manicure.  I have a little place that I recently discovered about 5 minutes from my house.  They are very affordable, they do a good job, and they are always really friendly (and never try to upsell you).  I made an appointment for right when they opened so about 20 minutes after rolling out of bed I headed over.  Thankfully its right next to a Starbucks.  First, I have to say, it was the best pedicure massage I have gotten, ever.  She took a full hour and fifteen minutes to do my pedicure.  It was amazing.  The owner had also gotten some new gel colors, a few of which apparently change shades with your “mood” (actually temperature I am sure), so I tried one of those.  The normal shade is kind of a purple/blue color which is actually really pretty!  On a side note, before I get to my actual subject, the owner told me a hilarious story about how she likes to get drunk on wine at the end of the day and go shopping at Ross which is across the parking lot.  It’s mostly hilarious to me because her English isn’t great, so I don’t think she meant that she actually gets wasted or anything but it just struck me as funny that she would be telling me this.

Anyway….usually when I get my nails done I go with someone else and we chat during the process.  Today I went alone and it was good because I had a lot of time to just think.  Christmas at our house is a quiet day because we don’t have my step son so my husband and I just kind of hang out.  I thought maybe I would actually get some things done, like projects that I never seem to get to on the weekends.  Instead I did a lot of nothing.  I did make chex mix to take as a snack on our trip, and we started to pack (we leave for Oregon tomorrow).  Amidst my doing nothing I started to sort of freak about how I could find out I am pregnant at the beginning of January, if this IUI worked, and while I would be beyond thrilled, I am also starting a new job in February.  I signed my offer letter before Christmas, therefore not pregnant, but they are waiting for me to start until February so I can get my bonus.  I will definitely feel bad to them if I have to tell them I am pregnant a month later.  Again, I will be nothing but happy to finally be pregnant but I started to freak out thinking maybe I would just stay at my current job if that happened.  This is my weakness…..stressing over things that haven’t happened yet.  Trying to make decisions and find solutions about things that aren’t known or real problems.  During my alone time getting my pedicure I started to think through the situation again, and finally kicked myself in the ass and remembered my promise to myself.  To trust God and his timing.  If this is supposed to happen now it will.  I have been looking at job opportunities in my area for a year and just now, God made it happen.  He brought me the right opportunity now, not six months ago, or a year ago.  Everything will work out.  As one of my favorite songs we sing at church says, He works everything for good.  I do believe that and I do need to get out of my own head and just go with it as it comes.  It’s amazing the clarity that comes while someone is rubbing your feet.  J


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