It’s Friday.  I hope you all are celebrating.  Did you know August starts next Friday?!?!  I don’t have anything specifically interesting to report on right now, which I actually find to be a good thing….I am ready for some just normal life!  So here is a random post on my current state of being….

Currently, I am…

Listening….to the office chatter.  I really miss the walls and door of my OFFICE at my previous job.  I also miss working with two of my best friends.

Eating…nothing right now but I just finished some oatmeal.  Someone brought donuts into the office today….which is cruel because we also have a baby shower today at lunchtime complete with cupcakes and ice cream.  So far I have stayed away from the donuts. 

Drinking….Water. And contemplating a trip to sbux for coffee. 

Wearing- A dress, even though we have casual Fridays at work (my boss is literally wearing a T-shirt, shorts and sneakers).  My dress is so cute though.  The top is coral and the bottom is black and white stripes. 

Feeling..happy that its Friday…..but next Friday will be better because we have half day Fridays at work in August!

Weather…It’s actually been not-so-bad (like highs in the low 90s)…..but the forecast from today until at least Wednesday is 100+….On a related note it is still weird to me that the hottest part of the day here is around 5pm…..and that the temperature flux in 24 hours can be 40+ degrees up and down (low of 64- high of 104). be laying by a pool rather than sitting at a desk

Neeing….to do some actual work….but I am not really in the mood

Thinking…. about what I am going to do with my stepson tomorrow while my husband is at a soccer coaching clinic for like 6 hours.

Enjoying….. being back in a “normal” routine and the extra energy I have from getting back to regular workouts.



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