Pills and Potions

The amount of pills, shots, suppositories, ect involved in TTC for those unlucky bunch of us is seriously out of control. Even right now on my “RE break” I still have a list of supplements I down daily plus my Synthroid. I am a sucky pill taker, especially when everything has to be spaced out throughout the day. How am I supposed to remember!?!? Setting reminders on my phone does not work. It just annoys me. On days I am at my desk all day at work (hardly ever) it’s easy. They are all right in front of me at my desk. When I am essentially working out of my car for the day….whole different story. It’s a daily struggle.

In the past few weeks I have attempted to incorporate another ritual into my routine. Last night my husband actually made the comment “You have so many potions now. What is going on with you?” I laughed it off and he is really exaggerating but I have been testing out a few essential oils.

Actually my interest started when my friend gave me a sample pack of a rapid muscle recovery soak. Since incorporating what I would consider to be hardcore workouts into my weekly routine, I am sore pretty much ALWAYS. The soak can be dissolved into a warm or cold bath, or dissolved into a cup of water and frozen to be massaged on sore muscles. The soak was not the miracle worker it claimed to be, but it did take the edge off so I ordered more online.

SIDEBAR-I was highly unimpressed with the customer service at this company. When I made my online order they did not give me a confirmation number. The internet page just said I would be getting an email when my product shipped. After a week of not getting the email I wrote into them to ask (they did not give a phone number), and my inquiry was never answered. A few days later my order showed up in the mail…..thankfully.

Anyway—one day while soaking in the tub after a brutal workout I looked at the ingredients on the label. Pretty simple. Epsom Salt, Eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint essential oil, blue#1. That’s it. At first I was super mad I paid so much for something I can EASILY make myself for much less $, and sans artificial dye. With that I started to research essential oils for sore muscles.

And from there it was just a quick hop and jump to essential oil for FERTILITY. I am now the proud owner of four bottles of essential oil. Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Clary Sage, and lemon. Clary Sage is known to have several positive effects on fertility but it does not smell great. It does pair well with citrus oils, such as lemon, therefore my potion #1 is clary sage, lemon, and sweet almond oil (a carrier oil). I rub it on my wrists and feet right before bed. I also have a blend of the almond oil, peppermint and eucalyptus that I rub directly on sore muscles. It tingles like Icy Hot only it’s much more natural. It does help the pain for sure.

Last night I was also reading about soaks in Epsom salt, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar for muscle recovery and whole body detox. I haven’t tried these yet but they are very interesting and I plan to try over the next month. Almost all the information I have read says do them at night because they will make you sleepy.

I am super excited to experiment with these things over the next month!

As far as an update on my nutritional goals. Well, all was going REALLY well until Friday night. I managed to get through the entire workweek with no alcohol, no coffee, no gluten, no dairy, no artificial sugar. And then Friday my husband and I actually had a date night, at a pretty nice restaurant. And it all fell apart….cocktails, a beer, shaved ice, queso dip, calamari, mashed potatoes, movie theater popcorn with butter, soda……THE HORROR. Even today I had a latte and a pastry at Starbucks and I am not enjoying a salad with bottled dressing. I have lost control!!! I seriously need to get my shit together. I need a sponsor or something to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Ok so in reality I had two meals and a breakfast that were way off base and a few unapproved snacks. Otherwise I actually stuck to my plan. I know I could have made some better choices and maybe just gone big on one meal and one snack rather than a few, but I have been very disciplined over the past month so I am not going to give myself to much grief. I do need to get my butt back on track now and live totally clean until I leave for Colorado on the 15th, which is doable.

On the fertility front I am on CD5. My last cycle was 31 days, and AF was a real B when she showed up on Thursday. Let’s just say a trip to Target for new pants was involved in the middle of the work day. Basically for my IUI to workout in September this cycle needs to be no more than 28 days. Even if she does show up on day 29 it might be a challenge because I need to get in for an ultrasound and be able to pick up my meds before 12 pm on August 30th because I am getting on a plane at 2pm. Otherwise I have to hope for 33+ days or I will miss my opportunity. I am really trying to just roll with it, however I know it will be super hard to wait another month.


8 thoughts on “Pills and Potions

  1. Love that you’re using essential oils! I’ve been involved with them for over 6 months. If you’re not already using this company (and I’m assuming you’re not because they have wonderful customer service), I would try Young Living Essential Oils. They are the best of the best…have a seed to seal process. Have their own farms instead of 3rd party sources and test all their oils both in house and in 3rd party labs. If they are not up to snuf, Gary will not let them be sold. They will just be out of that oil until it is pure therapeutic grade. Also…progessence plus (sp?) is a great oil for hormones. I use that and I have used clary sage in the past. I also take their endogize supplement for help balancing the endocrine system. I can’t say enough good things about Young Living and their products. You can check out the general website http://www.youngliving.org for more info and I’m a wholesale member so you can also look at mine if you want…www.youngliving.org/drunning. Keep Calm and Oil On!!! 🙂

  2. So fun that you are loving oils!!! Do you use progessence? Been loving that one! Clearly our husbands need to hang out – mine calls my oils my ‘potions’ as well! haha – they just don’t have any idea 😉

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