Currently….part two

It’s Friday….and its August….which means I get to leave work in 25 minutes because its half day Friday!  Wooohooo! 

Currently, I am…

Listening…to nothing really.  Most of the people in our office took today off after our grueling week of budget meetings so its super quiet. 

Eating…nothing right now but I had a major craving for cookie chips today…..and that is (shamefully) what I had for breakfast.  If you haven’t tried them, and you like a cookie on the crunchy side this is a treat for you.  They are delish.  I haven’t had them in months so it was a super special treat. 


Wearing-A cute maxi skirt (black with a white pattern that is kind of hard to describe) from Target, and a white tank top with black Toms.

Feeling..  tired.  Its been a long week of longer-than-normal work days and some seriously early mornings.  I am also a little sore from my workout last night. 

Weather…The week actually started in the 70’s!!! but with crazy (for here) humidity.  Thankfully the humidity has gone down but the weekend shows temps back in the nigh 90’s.

Wanting..a nap.  And maybe a nice refreshing cocktail. 

Needing… stop online shopping.  Today has been a bit out of control, but I did get a killer deal on Nutiva Coconut butter and chia seeds. 

Thinking…. About nothing particularly interesting.  Just happy I have made it through the week. 

Enjoying….. that I feel a lot better today than yesterday (just was generally exhausted). 

PS- Happy Weekend.


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