Back in the Swing of the RE

I have been writing a post about my weekend, at my grandpa’s celebration of life, but it’s not quite where I want it. Sometimes it’s just really hard to express in writing, or words of any kind, the way you feel about something like that. Hopefully I get it to a place to actually publish this week….

In the meantime I am actually going to make a fertility related post (shocking I know). Last week I called my clinic. Actually I tried to log in to my online portal which has a copy of the mixed cycle treatment plan they did for me in February. I’m sure I have it printed out somewhere, but I it just seemed easier to look online…..and they had suspended my login info! I did what the website said to do, which was email the administrator…..and a week later no response. That is really annoying but as I was thinking about the possibility of starting this treatment plan next month, I decided to better call the clinic and make sure there is nothing I need to do before my cycle starts.

Good call on my part because as it turns out I need to go in for an appointment with a nurse coordinator and the financial coordinator beforehand. Of course the nurse coordinator was on vacation last week so she just called me back today. We set an appointment for this Thursday. Of course she only had really inconvenient times available which is basically going to mean I will have to take the entire afternoon off of work (bc the clinic is now so far from my office).

This only further stresses me out because if I get stuck with weird appointment times for all of the million ultrasounds I will need, I am going to stress out. I really want to give my boss as little information about all of this as possible, and considering he wasn’t exactly wonderful when I had to take time off work when my dad was in ICU, I don’t really see him being cool with me missing out on partial days of work, multiple days in a row. I literally have no idea how I am going to manage this without my stress level going through the roof.

On the bright side the nurse said I could come in on CD 1, 2 or 3 for my baseline ultrasound. This is means I might actually be able to get the IUI in September unless AF shows up on August 29th or 30th. There is still a chance she might show on those two days, but it does help a little. I will just have to wait and see on that one.

If it’s this month or next the biggest challenge will be balancing work and appointments without getting myself overly stressed. Those who have done a mixed cycle IUI….how many ultrasounds did you have before doing the IUI???


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