First Injection Success!

Today is so far a much better day. Actually last night a friend of mine randomly called and asked if we could go for a walk. It was really a blessing because it was exactly what I needed and this particular friend who I have been really close with for a long time and I have drifted apart over the last year. I am not exactly sure why things sort of drifted with us. We have never had a fight or disagreement about anything. We used to see her and her family almost every week and then all of a sudden it just stopped. I think we have hung out with them as a family twice this year, and once was on accident when we ran into them.  I honestly wish I knew what changed.  I’ve felt a little hurt over it.

Then last night happened. It was not awkward and she was completely supportive. We had a really good talk. Unfortunately part of our talk was that she and her family are moving out of state at the end of the month. They have been talking about it for a while now so I wasn’t surprised. I am bummed that they are leaving but its best for their family. They have also been a part of a group that we have done a few adult trips with over the past few years so hopefully another will get on the calendar next year.

After our walk I literally did everything possible to procrastinate taking my first dose of Gonal-F. It did make me laugh a little that our fridge is nearly empty since we have been out of town, which just makes the presence of the Gonal F and Ovidrel seem so much more obvious. Like I can’t just bury it in the back because there is nothing to really hide behind!
All the procrastination was making me more and more tense so I finally just bit the bullet and did it. The actual injection was pretty easy, but I am really thankful for my decision to do it at night. Around 3 am I woke up with horrible cramps. I tried to go back to sleep but that wasn’t happening so I eventually got up and went to the bathroom. Good thing….bc I had horrible diarrhea (sorry TMI I know). Thankfully once it subsided I felt a lot better and could go back to sleep. So far no headache today which is great, but the breakout on my face is getting out of control. I also started taking the Estrace today, which if I recall correctly also had some not so great side effects last time.
I also wanted to mention a recent purchase I made which has so far been really awesome. A few weeks ago on Food Babe’s blog she wrote about an acupressure mat called the Spoonk. I read a bunch of reviews and decided I would try it. Basically I lay on it for about 40 minutes before bed. It took a little getting used to, and my husband thinks I am absolutely crazy, but it honestly really relaxes me. I actually have fallen asleep laying on it. Its totally weird because if you just put your finger on one of the spikes it really hurts so its crazy that laying on it feels so good. I sleep way better on nights I can lay on it before bedtime than when I don’t and I fall asleep way faster. In my whole effort to stay relaxed and get plenty of sleep, it has been a real life saver.


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