IUI 4- Results

I am not even sure what to say. Clearly it hasn’t processed yet, but IUI #4 was unsuccessful. I started testing with the FRER on 11DPO-14 DPO. All stark white negatives. Still, I was surprised today when AF showed up (with a vengeance). My clinic doesn’t do beta until 17DPO, so I continued to take my progesterone every night, and this is the first time my period has ever come while I was still taking the progesterone. And she is heavy….like hourly trips to the bathroom to change supplies heavy….with killer cramps and a nasty headache on the side.

I pretty much just need this day to be over. I haven’t really told anyone except my husband and one friend. Unfortunately that friend decided to respond by saying “well you’re still young”….and I literally tried by best not to be a bitch when I told her very clearly that saying that was not helpful, it does not make me feel better, and she should keep comments like that to herself. I am sick of people telling me how “young” I am.

I already have a meeting with my RE set up for Oct 7th to go over IVF. I really do not see the point in going through with any further IUIs. It just feels like a waste of money. Really the earliest we would be able to do IVF (financially) is next spring or summer. We get our bonuses in March and we usually get a fairly good tax return because of all the alimony we pay. Honestly the total of those three things will really be the go/no-go for IVF next year at all.

I want to be able to just shake this off and move forward, but it feels like the next step forward are so far away.


12 thoughts on “IUI 4- Results

  1. I am so sorry hun! I know how you feel and it’s okay to have those raw emotions. Don’t lose hope and keep your head up! I am praying that on October 7th the doctors will have wisdom and insight on the next steps forward for you. Sending you hugs today! xo

  2. I am so sorry. I have been here and it is an AWFUL feeling. Lots of hugs and love for you today- treat yourself to something special and remember that you have lots and lots of us out here who are here for you!!

    • Thank you. I went to the grocery store to get some lunch and I ended up leaving with a latte, Carbs, cheese, and sugar (in various forms). I sort of laughed that going in hormonal is worse than going in when you are hungry. Thanks for the support!!

      • Omg I have totally done that. Lol when IUI #3 failed I bought a baguette and slice of french silk pie for dinner. ; -P we just do what we gotta do to keep moving on. And of course an ugly cry and maybe some retail therapy for good measure 🙂

        I hope this week is kind to you, and that the AF that came in like a lion leaves like a lamb

  3. I had a coworker tell me how “young” I am today. I just said back “it really doesn’t matter how young I am. I am broken. I’ve been trying for three years. Obviously my age doesn’t matter.”

    I’m so sorry. It hurts so much.

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