The Juice

A summary of the three day juice cleanse:

On Thursday after work I giddily skipped into Pressed Juicery to pick up my cleanse. In case you are interested in the specifics here is what it consists of:

Five Juices: 2 Green, 2 Citrus, 1 Root

One Almond Milk Blend

One Chlorophyll Water

One Aloe Vera Water

Starting one hour after you wake up you have your first juice (a green). Throughout the day sip on the Chlorophyll Water. Consume a juice about every two hours (green, citrus, root, citrus, green). For dinner you get your almond milk blend which has 8 grams of protein, and 1 hour before bed drink the aloe vera water to “flush everything” out.

I am doing my cleanse through Pressed Juicery (as opposed to others) for three very good reasons.

I like their juices. I tried a Blue Print juice once and almost hurled. I am not willing to subject myself to something for three days that is absolutely disgusting. Thankfully Pressed juices are pretty good. Some of them are even delicious (citrus #2!). The almond milk blends are also really tasty!

They have a store location one town over from where I live. They let you sample the juice before buying it. They have multiple blends for each “type” of juice (like 5 different green juice blends) so you can find something you like, and don’t have to have the same juice over and over again if you don’t want to.

They were running a really good special! My entire cleanse was $117. I opted for the extra waters (chlorophyll and aloe vera) so It actually could have been even less. Also due to the location I didn’t have to pay for shipping which can really add on to the price of a cleanse.

Day One:

I was strategic to only have one work day while cleansing at the beginning. Because I prepared my body all week, and started each day drinking green juice I figured that the first half of the day would feel totally normal, which was true. My energy was great all day and I really didn’t feel hungry at all. Actually when I picked up my cleanse the girl helping me told me it would take about two hours to drink each juice and I thought she was crazy! I figured I would be done in 30 minutes. In reality it took me longer than 2 hours to finish each bottle (even my favorite ones!). To keep on schedule with a juice every two hours I should have started #4 at 2pm, but I was only 2/3 the way through #3!. I finally started #4 around 4pm. I was also advised to drink lots of lemon water throughout the day. That has been harder than I imagined just because it’s been taking so long to just drink the bottle of juice. I am also allowed herbal tea. By the end of the day I was feeling pretty good. I sort of had imagined myself getting a lot of sleep while I was doing this, but I babysat for a friend’s 8 month old baby on Friday night and didn’t end up being able to get to bed until after 11. I also slept horribly, which was likely more because my husband was gone and I always have trouble sleeping when he is away.

Day Two:

I woke up around 8 on Saturday and started the day with some hot water and lemon. I am going to try to make this part of my routine going forward. I spent the first few hours of the morning doing various chores around the house and then did a deep clean of our bedroom. I had plenty of energy but around 2 my back started to hurt so I decide to lay down and relax for a while on a heating pad, which ended up turning into a nap! I got up around 4:30 to go to my step son’s basketball game, and then came home and finally put away all of our Christmas decorations and did a clean out of our pantry, reorganized our freezers, and cleaned the fridge. I felt great and never had a craving for food.

Day Three:

Usually after the first night that my husband is gone I adjust and can sleep normally, but I actually slept worse on Saturday night. I ended up not waking up until 9, which not only made me behind on starting my juices for the day but I also had to rush to get to church on time. It was my week to work in the nursery and I try to be extra early on those days. After church I went to the store to stock up on food for the week. This was the part I was reallllly afraid of in the whole thing. Going through the store when you are hungry is NEVER a good idea. I probably bought more food than I needed for the week (since its just me at home this week) but I mostly over did it on the produce. It will be interesting to see what is left at the end of the week after I juice every day. I was lazy and bought my green juice while I was out for Monday (and also Whole Foods had no cucumber which is a vital ingredient in my homemade green juice). When I got home from the store I had to spend like 5 hours in the kitchen prepping veggies and cooking for the first few days of the week which was not fun. I was not tempted to eat during the time, but mostly just tired of standing! I ended up getting in bed at 9 just because my back hurt from standing on the tile all that time! Thankfully I finally slept well on Sunday night!

A Few Random Thoughts:

They only craving I had during the whole thing was for Pizza. This is sort of odd because Pizza would not be my first choice in food ever, but I saw a commercial showing greasy cheesy pizza and I wanted it super bad! I didn’t want a lot of TV over the weekend thankfully, but after that I tried to change the channel when a food commercial came on.

My very back teeth felt super weird during the cleanse and I found myself brushing more often and for twice as long as normal in the back area.

The Chlorophyll water was not very good, but it was mild enough that I could handle it. Thankfully I only had to take small sips throughout the day.

By the last day the Root based juice (which tasted a lot like carrot) was the only one that was hard to get down. I was just sick of the flavor.

I had a different almond milk blend every day. Chocolate was my least favorite, vanilla was pretty good, and the coconut cinnamon was AMAZING.

Transitioning to food:

Monday morning brought on the surprise of Aunt Flow showing up 3 days earlier than “normal” and horrific cramps. Honestly I thought I was going to have to call in sick to work because I could barely move. I first used my go-to peppermint oil to try to manage the pain but it was just too much and I had to take Advil. It made me so mad because I just spent three days trying to detox my body of things like that and I really didn’t want to take a pill, but there was no way I was making it to work without it unfortunately. Even after the Advil I was still hurting but I could at least function.

I started the day with some hot water with lemon, which I am starting to really like, and then had some herbal tea (peppermint of course!). I followed that with a green juice when I got to work. Around 11:30 I started to feel hungry so I had two hardboiled egg whites.  My stomach did a few turns but then I was totally fine.  I am going to have lunch soon which will consist of some ground pork and cabbage with curry spice.

The outcome:

First I want to say I did NOT do a three day juice cleanse to lose “fast weight”. I did a juice cleanse to help detox my body of toxic build up and help with the process of sugar withdrawal. I only weighed myself before and after because I was curious and I do not expect the weight I lost to be “permanent”. I truly believe to lose real weight that will stay off takes months of clean eating and exercising and it is not a quick fix.

With that said, I weighed myself last Monday before I did my Pre-Tox, and then again on Friday morning before I started the cleanse. In that time the scale said I had lost 3 lbs. I weighted again this morning and I was down 2 more pounds.

I probably could have done the full 5 day cleanse, but I am excited to start the Whole30. The cleanse is literally less than 1200 calories per day, which is not sustainable for more than a few days for a normal person not monitored by a doctor.

I plan to continue juicing once a day (probably for breakfast) as much as possible. It is the best way I can get in nutrients from leafy veggies like spinach and kale because I just don’t enjoy them very much any other way. Even covered in the most delicious (unhealthy) dressing I cannot eat all that much. I also get a great boost of energy from juicing which is great in the morning. I could see myself doing this again in 3 months or so (especially if they run a special again!).


2 thoughts on “The Juice

  1. Juicing has been a staple of my diet for a few years now. When I don’t do it I feel it within a few days. My energy is less an recovery time from working out is way longer. I wish it didn’t work so well since it’s expensive! 🙂 Good luck with the Whole 30.

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