Whole30 Update

Today I am on Whole30 day 10, which means when I go to bed tonight I will be 1/3 the way through.

So far it’s gone pretty well. Day 9 was by far the hardest, because I had to drive a lot of the work day to and from a property that was 3 hours away! I sort of have a routine set on when I drink/eat and since I couldn’t keep to it I ended up with a headache. I was very grumpy when I got home and ended up going to bed at 9! Tomorrow is going to be rough as well as I actually have to fly to Southern California and back for a meeting.

I have made a few really awesome new dishes that were big winners with my husband and stepson also. I have also had a few fails, but not too many so I am happy about that.

I am about half way through reading “It starts with Food” which is a very interesting book if you are into learning about how the body reacts with different types of food.

So far this has been a good experience. I have experienced a few moments of exhaustion but overall I have had more energy than before I started. I have heard that in the 3rd week you start to feel great so I am looking forward to that.  I have had a few cravings for sure.  I actually had to stand in a handmade chocolate shop for over an hour to speak to one of our tenants.  It was torture, especially at the end of the meeting when she offered me some!

I added a probiotic to my supplement routine, which took a few days to take affect but I think it is really helping.   I sort of went lax about taking any supplements through December so I have picked back up on my routine with that as well.

Right after my last post I found out my Crossfit gym was closing. I was getting a great deal there, and paying double what I was is just not in my budget so I have to figure something else out. For the interim I bought a yoga Groupon that will be for 1 month. Hopefully I can start next week.

In other news I got to move into my new office this week! It’s a serious game changer for me to be out of cube space and into my own office. I’ve started decorating but since I am out of the office so much this week I probably won’t really get to it until next week.


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