Day 3- Rituals

Honestly I suck at rituals. I am getting better now that I don’t travel as much for work so that is a plus. Since starting my new eating regiment I have adopted a few things into my day.

I start the day with warm water and lemon. The health benefits for this are a bit controversial but since I cannot have coffee right now I need something warm in the mornings. It can’t hurt!

Following that I have a green juice and some kind of protein for breakfast.

I don’t have anything really during the day ritual wise, but at bedtime I like to take a quick 10-15 minute soak in the tub before getting ready for bed!

That is pretty much it!


One thought on “Day 3- Rituals

  1. my hubby would love if I had a “quick soak.” Hehehe! When I go upstairs (that’s where our big jacuzzi type tub is) and light those candles and sit in the dark, I stay for over an hour! hehe! I LOVE IT!

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