Day 6- Personality Traits I Am Proud Of

This is for sure the hardest one for me so far.  It is sort of like doing my “self evaluation” for my annual review at work (which I am in the middle of now).  Its easy to admit to yourself what you perceive as flaws and what you think your strengths are….but putting that out into the universe for someone else to read! Yikes!

So here it goes….

1.  I am level headed.  I can remain (outwardly) calm in pretty much any situation.  I am pretty logical when it comes to dealing with problems and rarely act on emotion.  It has made me good at dealing with confrontation and stressful situations (especially at work).

2.  I have a big heart.  I always want to help others in any way I can.  Basically if anyone of my friends does something to raise money for a charitable cause (like a 5k for cancer ect) I always donate.  I babysit for friends whenever needed and volunteer at church to work in the nursery.  None of this is because I want any kind of recognition….I just want to do nice things for others.

3.  I am not afraid of change.  When I was 20 I decided to pack up my little 2 door escort and drive to the East Coast and basically start my life over.  I transferred colleges away from all of my friends I had known basically my whole life to experience something new.  It was the best decision I ever made.  Sure I will never forget how alone I felt when I moved into my apartment by myself in the rain and my first experience meeting one of my roommates when she was totally rude to  me (we are now very close friends).  But it prepared me for life.  It prepared me to be able to say YES when I was offered the opportunity to move for my career to San Diego, then Seattle, then LA, and finally Northern California.  I guess as a bonus #4 because of all of this I am very independent and I am very proud of that.  Things have not always been perfect but I have always been able to figure out how to make it work.  I will never forget while on the phone with a close childhood friend of mine, in tears, telling her about the decisions I was dealing with many years ago.  She told me this and I cannot thank her enough, “When you tell me you are going to do something, I always know that it is going to work out.  You are just one of those people who know how to make things work out.”


4 thoughts on “Day 6- Personality Traits I Am Proud Of

  1. Those are awesome qualities and I can totally attest to #2!!! Your big heart has made my days shine much brighter! I wish I could remain level headed but I totally let my emotions take over, lol. I could never work in a corporate environment because it’s physically impossible for me to hold tears back when they decide they want to come out. 🙂 I’m loving learning more about you!

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