Whole30 Update- Day 17

We are finally getting a handle on the dishes and prep required to do this plan. Thankfully my energy is way up from the first week and a half so that helps. I would actually say overall my house is more organized than normal (it has a way to go on that), but with more energy I am able to keep up with things like laundry during the week. My husband and stepson both have the habit of covering every single surface in our house with something….keys, papers, toys, books, pretty much anything and everything does not get put away when they are done….it just gets set on my counter/table/dresser. It drives me crazy under normal circumstances but I never have enough energy to actually deal with it Well, now that I am actively trying to keep things in order I am going crazy trying to keep surfaces clear. My other clean surfaces issue is because of the amount of appliances I know use regularly. My food processor, mini food processor, blender, two crock pots, and juicer are getting regular use, making it a total pain to put them back in there not-very-convenient storage places. Unfortunately my kitchen doesn’t have a ton of space to begin with so it just feels like constant clutter. I think I am going to try to find an open metal shelf to put in my nook to house these things for easy access. I have to do something because appliances are taking over all my space!

I made an adjustment to my morning routine to being in more protein over the last week. It’s made a huge difference in feeling full longer during the day. I have still been drinking my lemon water and juicing every morning but the addition of protein has been great.

My husband plays a huge role in what food we make ahead for the week, because as it turns out, he is way pickier than I am! We made a big mistake this week and did two chicken dishes that were fairly similar so I can tell he is losing motivation. We are very different in that I could have the same thing for a few meals in a row, and he needs a lot of variety. He is also way more into condiments than I am so I think this is really been hard for him to adjust. I made him look through like 4 paleo cookbooks last night to see if we could find some compliant recipes to do next week that he would be excited about.

We did manage to start exercising last week. Again he and I approach things differently on this one. I started with run/walk intervals from 2-2/12 miles. The first day I was sore even though it wasn’t a huge work out but I didn’t want to overdo it and not be able to move for a week. It has worked out pretty well and I have been able to do my intervals 5 of the last 6 days. Last night I added some weighted lunches and kettlebell swings at the end which I am feeling today in my legs! My husband decided to just go run as long as he could on Saturday, and then couldn’t move or workout for 3 days.  I asked him if he wanted to intervals with me tonight but he wants to just run again. Silly boys always have to do things the hard way.

I am still having cravings now and then. My biggest one is a Starbucks latte for sure. Last night nachos sounded really great to me too.

During dinner last night we were discussing recipes and my stepson asks “What is Paleo?” We tried our best to explain but he was not getting it so he kept asking if things were paleo, like the pineapple on his plate, or his pizza. Pizza is literally his favorite food in the universe and so he thought about it for a while and pushed his pineapple away (which we told him would be paleo) and told us that he did not like paleo food, it was just way to healthy. He actually eats and loves a lot of the meat that we have been preparing for Whole30 but apparently we cannot tell him that it is paleo now.

Overall things are going really well and it is getting easier. This weekend we are going to a super bowl party so we are going bring some Whole30 chilli. I am a little nervous because the following weekend we have a church small group dinner and I am very afraid there won’t be anything we can eat!


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