Day 9- Piercings and Tattoos

Currently the only thing I have pierced is my ears with one hole each which I got when I was really young.

In college I got my cartilage pierced on one ear. It never got infected but that one hurt for years! I eventually had to take it out when I started my second real job because it was against the dress code.

The summer between high school and college my 3 best friends and I took a trip to Manhattan, Kansas (where K-State is), and two of them got their tongues pierced and another her belly button. I was a total party pooper and was adamant that I did not want any more piercings. Over the next few weeks my friend Ashley (who had pierced her tongue) relentlessly begged me to come get our belly buttons pierced together. Finally I gave in and said I would go with her and we did it together. It actually didn’t really hurt much and I kept mine until I was 30 (when I had to remove it for surgery). She took hers out a month after we got them pierced.

I do not have any tattoos. I am not really against them, but I also have never had the desire to get one.


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