Day 13- What is in My Purse

Day 13- What is in my purse

First, on work days I actually have two bags with me all the time, so my purse is actually pretty small.

My work bag has my laptop, iPad, organizer, some emergency snacks (Lara Bars, apple chips), pens, business cards, tea bags, portable phone charger, wall phone charger, computer charger, Wi-Fi jet pack device, tampons, Kleenex, folders with various work documents, and Advil/Excedrin, headphones, usually a water bottle, wet wipes, and a note book.

So what does that leave for my purse???

Napkins, more tampons, business cards, a roller with peppermint oil, pens, a small note book, floss, an Epic protein bar, two three flash drives, Emergen-C, sunglasses, lotion, Aveda Blue Oil, foundation, 1 lip balm and three lip glosses, anti bacterial hand gel, SD card and reader, and usually my cell phone unless I am at my desk or at home.

My wallet is a whole world in itself.

It contains….

My driver’s license, Various credit/debit cards, my Costco rebate check, a $5 Petsmart Coupon, a $10 gift card to Build-a-bear, a $25 American Express Gift card (FYI I am a gift card hoarder), my health insurance card, club cards to Safeway, Raleys, BevMo, Barnes and Noble, Walgreens, Target pharmacy rewards, Kimpton Hotels, Ulta, Aveda, Marriott Rewards, Southwest A-list, Costco,  my car insurance card, $18 in cash, stamps, Old Navy Super Cash, Justice/Brothers $30 fun card, more of my business cards, a $2 bill, my check book, an emergency check, a coke wrapper that says “share a coke with Sara”, business cards to a Nail place, a fertility acupuncture specialist, my dentist, my hair stylist and my eye brow waxing place, and finally a $5 bill from Australia.

Why do I have all of this on my person every day??? I have no idea but when I sat down to write it all out it is A LOT OF STUFF!!!


5 thoughts on “Day 13- What is in My Purse

    • Yes sometimes when I walk in to work I feel like a bag lady….bc in addition to the purse and the work back I usually also have a lunch bag and possibly another bag of some sort. its out of control

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