Day 14- A Day in the Life of Me

My days can vary slightly depending on my husband’s travel schedule, my work schedule, and our time with my stepson so I am just going to do a day in the life of yesterday (Wednesday). Here is goes….

6:10 am- Wake up and cuddle with my pup

6:30 am- Shower and morning routine

7:00 am- Let the dog out while I pack my lunch, make a water bottle and a warm water a lemon for the road.

7:30 am- hit the road.

8:00 am- Had a meeting at a property I am working on

9:30 am- Arrived in my office and worked on some super exciting reports and lease reviews.

12:00 pm- Had lunch at my desk while still working on my report

1:00 pm- Finally finished and got online to write a letter to an appliance repair service which I recently had a very negative experience.

1:15 pm- Did some more really exciting work stuff for a while

3:00 pm- had a snack- an orange

4:30 pm- headed home

5:00 pm- Got home and unloaded the dishwasher and started making dinner.

5:30- My husband and step son get home, and we have dinner.

6:00- Family time including reading with my step son and playing a board game.

7:15- Stepson goes home, I take a nice soak in the tub

7:45- I make juice for the next two days, clean the kitchen and restart the dishwasher

8:45- Time to relax on the couch

9:30- bedtime routine

10:30- Sound asleep

Today my husband I actually out of town, so I am getting together with a friend and her adorable baby after work. AND tomorrow is FRIDAY! WOOOHOOO!


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