Day 15- Dream Job When I was 5

Day 15- Dream Job When I was 5

This is easy….I really wanted to be a doctor. I actually would play “hospital” all the time and use big Rubbermaid tubs as hospital beds for my dolls. I would tape straws to them (like an IV) and use BandAids or medical tape to wrap their arms or legs. It was one of my favorite things to pretend as a kid.

When I got older my mom was convinced that I should become a doctor. I always took two science classes a year in high school so that I could take the advanced sciences when I was an upper classman, and spent a summer shadowing a doctor in our local clinic one day a week. My senior year I got a job as a nurse assistant in a hospital and I absolutely hated it. I never considered being a nurse (although I have insane respect for them), and I didn’t like how the doctors treated the nurses. This was the turning point for me on looking into other careers.

My mom, however, was convinced I needed to be a doctor so when we went to college orientation she basically made me sign up for pre-med. A few days after we left I called my advisor and switched to undeclared (and changed some of my classes), and didn’t tell her for a year!


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