Day 16- Dream Job Now

I would love to do something similar to Anthony Bourdain. Basically travel the world, stay at fantastic hotels, meet people, experience different cultures, and eat amazing food. I don’t necessarily need to be on TV like he is, but I am not sure under what other circumstance I would have the opportunity to do all of those things as a job.

With that said, in reality a few years ago I had the perfect job situation that I feel like may never be replicated again. I was able to work on a very exciting project which was completely interesting, challenging, and fulfilling in a leadership role. I worked with some amazing people who are still some really close friends from our working relationship. We worked hard and laughed and joked around every day. I had a very minimal commute to work and while I had to work the occasional weekend or late night, mostly my work/life balance was good. I had a great manager who trusted me and had my back and I was respected and treated well by the company. I honestly don’t know that I my work situation will ever be better than it was for that year. Unfortunately projects eventually end and everyone moves on to other things..


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