Day 17- Favorite Childhood Book

When I was a child I don’t know that I had one favorite book. I was very lucky that we had a lot of children’s books in our house, however the most special books were kept on a high shelf on our entertainment center. There were several pop-up books which we were only allowed to read under supervision. It was always so special when my mom would get one for us and sit on the couch and go through the book. Now, they are on a high shelf in my living room entertainment center and on special occasions I read them with my step son.

On a similar note I have been asking for years what happened to all the books we had when we were kids. Kids books are expensive so I really wanted to get my hands on them. Neither of my parents knew what happened to them. Finally last summer I found them when going through things at my dad’s house, but they had been left in an area of his garage that was not protected from weather and most of them were ruined! I was so upset! Thankfully my mom had kept the “special” books separate and gave me those a few years ago.


2 thoughts on “Day 17- Favorite Childhood Book

  1. oh the pop up books were so much fun! And like your parents, my parents kept those separate as well because they were notorious for falling apart and breaking :/ I am so glad that your mom kept the “special” books separate 🙂 xo

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