Day 19- Some of My Worst Habits

If you asked my husband he would probably tell you leaving lights on and leaving cabinets open while I am cooking in the kitchen.

I also bite my nails, which I REALLY wish I could stop (I have tried everything).

Prior to January 5th I had a pretty bad caffeine/Starbucks addiction.

I basically never stop for gas until my fuel light is actually on, which I am sure someday will leave me on the side of the road.

Finally, I buy clothes without trying them on (because dressing room lighting is THE WORST), thinking that I will take back what I don’t like which never actually happens. Thankfully I don’t actually clothes shop for myself very often!


2 thoughts on “Day 19- Some of My Worst Habits

    • I drive soooo much for work that I end up needing gas like 2-3 times a week. Unless I am going to the bay area or something I don’t even look to see how much gas I have until the light comes on!

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