Day 20- Where Do I See Myself In 10 Years

In 10 years I will be 42. It is most crazy to think that my stepson will be 17, and almost out of high school. I hope by then I have a 7 or 8 year old. I would imagine we will live in the same area as we do now, because I know my husband would never want to move away from his son, so if we made a move it would have to work for ALL of us, including his Ex-Wife. I imagine I will still be working in the same field, unless magically my husband starts making double where he is now.

In my teens and twenties I thought about the future a lot. In high school I always thought I would be married and have 2 kids way before 30. In college I knew I wasn’t ready just yet for husbands and kids, even though some of my friends had started down those paths, but I thought, for sure by 30 I would be ready for those things. As each year rolled by things sort of fell into place how they were supposed to, and most definitely not in the way I thought they would. I had never thought about the possibility of marrying someone with a child or an ex-wife. These things add dimensions to my life I certainly couldn’t have planned for or predicted. I started my career with a certain mindset, and again things have progressed in a way that I never would have thought about.

Now at 32, I think about the future but it’s different. I think about planning for retirement and how we will pay for my step-son’s college education. I think about how we need to pay down debt and balance or monthly budget. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how life events will unfold. Nothing ever happens like you plan. Unexpected things come up. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and some of them you just have to find a way to manage. Being prepared for the future is important, but being ready to take on whatever might come your way is much more valuable in my opinion.


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