Whole30-DAY 30!!!

Yesterday was day 30 of the Whole30. I officially made it 30 days without consuming added sugar, grains/gluten, dairy, legumes, soy, caffeine, processed food, and probably some other things that I didn’t even miss or notice. That is a serious accomplishment.

Today I haven’t done/eaten anything different than the last 30 days because really Whole30 is more of a lifestyle change for me than a 30 day challenge. At some point, maybe this weekend, I am looking forward to a latte, otherwise I am perfectly content to carry on my road to being much healthier.

Since January 5th I have lost 11 pounds. I am now only 7 lbs. away from my May 1st goal and 17 lbs. from my overall goal and that feels great. My clothes fit so much better and overall I am way more comfortable. I am also happy to report a huge increase in energy and WAY better sleeping at night. I am also way more with it when I first get up. No more morning fog for the first hour of my day. Also a few people have mentioned that my skin looks noticeably bright and clear.

I have been working out 4-5 days a week as well. I am on week 4 of my C25k app and I have added in extra running/walking after the app workout as well as some dumbbell and kettlebell exercises, ab work, and other boot camp style exercises at home. I actually look forward to working out each day after work.

My husband and I have found some really delish recipes over the past month that we both like. Sometimes finding common ground on food is hard for us, and as it turns out he is way pickier than I am when it comes to real food. Overall we have spent more on groceries than we were previously, but we are wasting WAY less food and since we barely eat out, overall we are actually saving money. We have become really good at meal planning and shopping accordingly.

Interestingly Aunt Flo showed up the day I started the Whole30, and the last few days I could feel she was going to make her appearance again soon. It made the last few days a little harder because I was craving chocolate for the first time in weeks. I was very curious how this cycle would go and if it would be different at all than my last few. My endometriosis can bring on some pretty horrible cramping and obviously one of the main reasons for doing whole30 is fertility. Well about an hour after dinner last night, as if AF knew I had completed the W30 or something, she showed up. At first everything was fine and I was feeling great, but around 1 am I woke up with some of the WORST cramps I have had in months (maybe years). I was awake almost all night and have been taking Advil all day and sitting at my desk with a heating pad just to get by. Of course I don’t expect things to magically be perfect after only one month, but I was surprised to have this period be SO bad. The flow, however, has been lighter than normal. Usually CD1 and 2 are extremely heavy so I am very interested to see what happens tomorrow.

I do plan to do OPKs this month to see if I get any positives. Unfortunately my husband is going to be gone for what will likely be the ENTIRE fertile window at a work conference so it will be for experimental purposes only.

I am excited to see how things go for the next 60 and 90 days. If there are any update worthy happenings I will post. Thank you for reading along about my Whole30!


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