Day 23/24

I am doing two days in my post today, because I REALLY try to stay off the computer on weekends.

Day 23- The last time I cried.

It’s been a while, but from what I recall it was a few weeks ago when my husband and I got in a fight. He told me he had to go on a work trip to Seattle in March and I suggested that I come and see a friend of mine while he did his work stuff. He was TOTALLY NEGATIVE about the idea and I got really upset. I ended up having to go outside and walk to calm down so I didn’t cry at work. He eventually saw the error of his attitude and we worked it out. Ironically we booked the trip and then his work portion got cancelled but we are going anyway.

Day 24- My Zodiac Sign and Do I think it Fits me?

Well I am a Virgo but I don’t really know much about astrology. So I did a Google search of what describes a Virgo and it turned up some pretty interesting things. The most simplified version I could find used these words

Virgo Strength Keywords:

-Analytical- YES –

-Observant- YES –

-Helpful-YES –

-Reliable-YES –

– Precise-YES

Virgo Weakness Keywords:

– Skeptical-YES

-Fussy- not at all

-Inflexible-not at all –

-Cold-not at all

-Interfering- not at all

So in conclusion I have no weaknesses.  Just kidding. I totally do but I would not say that those descriptors would be true, except for skeptical.  I can be skeptical at times.  I also read that Virgos are independent, which is very true for me.

A little over a year ago I had to do a type of personality test at work.  I actually spent a few hours going over the results with someone in HR and it was SO interesting.  The test not only measured your answers but also how long you took to answer each question.  The questions were pretty crazy and you had to answer that you either strongly agreed, strongly disagreed, agreed, disagreed, or were neutral, and you supposed to use neutral as little as possible.  It was amazing how well the outcome described who I am.  I think these types of things can do a better job of evaluating traits and tendencies than just an astrological sign based on your birthday, but obviously there is a little something to it because all of the strength words do hit home.


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