Day 29- Do I Collect Anything

Since I was a child my family has been trying to get me to collect something, and I refuse. When I was younger I would get gifts like figurines (I think they were cherished Teddies) or ornaments. At one point when I was an adult my mom bought me some antique tea cups because she felt that I needed to collect something so she would know what to get me as a gift.

I am completely anti collection. My parents and grandparents are all collectors of many things and I somehow turned out to be very opposite. I really don’t like clutter and houses where I live do not have basements which means storage is limited. I struggle to find places for things as it is so I certainly have no room to collect more!

I do have quite a few cookbooks, because I love to cook. I don’t really collect them but I have been given quite a few of the artsy ones as gifts (that are less useful but much prettier). We also have somewhat of a wine collection. I don’t know that I would even call it a collection, but we are holding on to some special bottles that are too young to open. We belong to one wine club that ships only those kinds of bottles so our “collection” of bottles we can’t open yet is growing!

As a side note if I were vastly wealthy I might start a diamond jewelry collection.  Does that count?


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