Whole30-DAY 30!!!

Yesterday was day 30 of the Whole30. I officially made it 30 days without consuming added sugar, grains/gluten, dairy, legumes, soy, caffeine, processed food, and probably some other things that I didn’t even miss or notice. That is a serious accomplishment.

Today I haven’t done/eaten anything different than the last 30 days because really Whole30 is more of a lifestyle change for me than a 30 day challenge. At some point, maybe this weekend, I am looking forward to a latte, otherwise I am perfectly content to carry on my road to being much healthier.

Since January 5th I have lost 11 pounds. I am now only 7 lbs. away from my May 1st goal and 17 lbs. from my overall goal and that feels great. My clothes fit so much better and overall I am way more comfortable. I am also happy to report a huge increase in energy and WAY better sleeping at night. I am also way more with it when I first get up. No more morning fog for the first hour of my day. Also a few people have mentioned that my skin looks noticeably bright and clear.

I have been working out 4-5 days a week as well. I am on week 4 of my C25k app and I have added in extra running/walking after the app workout as well as some dumbbell and kettlebell exercises, ab work, and other boot camp style exercises at home. I actually look forward to working out each day after work.

My husband and I have found some really delish recipes over the past month that we both like. Sometimes finding common ground on food is hard for us, and as it turns out he is way pickier than I am when it comes to real food. Overall we have spent more on groceries than we were previously, but we are wasting WAY less food and since we barely eat out, overall we are actually saving money. We have become really good at meal planning and shopping accordingly.

Interestingly Aunt Flo showed up the day I started the Whole30, and the last few days I could feel she was going to make her appearance again soon. It made the last few days a little harder because I was craving chocolate for the first time in weeks. I was very curious how this cycle would go and if it would be different at all than my last few. My endometriosis can bring on some pretty horrible cramping and obviously one of the main reasons for doing whole30 is fertility. Well about an hour after dinner last night, as if AF knew I had completed the W30 or something, she showed up. At first everything was fine and I was feeling great, but around 1 am I woke up with some of the WORST cramps I have had in months (maybe years). I was awake almost all night and have been taking Advil all day and sitting at my desk with a heating pad just to get by. Of course I don’t expect things to magically be perfect after only one month, but I was surprised to have this period be SO bad. The flow, however, has been lighter than normal. Usually CD1 and 2 are extremely heavy so I am very interested to see what happens tomorrow.

I do plan to do OPKs this month to see if I get any positives. Unfortunately my husband is going to be gone for what will likely be the ENTIRE fertile window at a work conference so it will be for experimental purposes only.

I am excited to see how things go for the next 60 and 90 days. If there are any update worthy happenings I will post. Thank you for reading along about my Whole30!


Day 20- Where Do I See Myself In 10 Years

In 10 years I will be 42. It is most crazy to think that my stepson will be 17, and almost out of high school. I hope by then I have a 7 or 8 year old. I would imagine we will live in the same area as we do now, because I know my husband would never want to move away from his son, so if we made a move it would have to work for ALL of us, including his Ex-Wife. I imagine I will still be working in the same field, unless magically my husband starts making double where he is now.

In my teens and twenties I thought about the future a lot. In high school I always thought I would be married and have 2 kids way before 30. In college I knew I wasn’t ready just yet for husbands and kids, even though some of my friends had started down those paths, but I thought, for sure by 30 I would be ready for those things. As each year rolled by things sort of fell into place how they were supposed to, and most definitely not in the way I thought they would. I had never thought about the possibility of marrying someone with a child or an ex-wife. These things add dimensions to my life I certainly couldn’t have planned for or predicted. I started my career with a certain mindset, and again things have progressed in a way that I never would have thought about.

Now at 32, I think about the future but it’s different. I think about planning for retirement and how we will pay for my step-son’s college education. I think about how we need to pay down debt and balance or monthly budget. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how life events will unfold. Nothing ever happens like you plan. Unexpected things come up. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and some of them you just have to find a way to manage. Being prepared for the future is important, but being ready to take on whatever might come your way is much more valuable in my opinion.

Day 19- Some of My Worst Habits

If you asked my husband he would probably tell you leaving lights on and leaving cabinets open while I am cooking in the kitchen.

I also bite my nails, which I REALLY wish I could stop (I have tried everything).

Prior to January 5th I had a pretty bad caffeine/Starbucks addiction.

I basically never stop for gas until my fuel light is actually on, which I am sure someday will leave me on the side of the road.

Finally, I buy clothes without trying them on (because dressing room lighting is THE WORST), thinking that I will take back what I don’t like which never actually happens. Thankfully I don’t actually clothes shop for myself very often!

Day 18- What I am Afraid Of

Well in the fear category there are the big fears and the little fears.

My little fears consist of things like snakes and rodents. I am also afraid of live chickens. I believe I wrote about this one in a previous post. In high school I was really afraid of getting in a car crash and had some anxiety when I wasn’t driving but I have gotten over that.

Big fears include things such as never being a mother, or having a loved one pass from a terminal illness.

I really don’t spend a lot of time thinking about fears. I think it is much more important to focus on life, and living it to the fullest, because we don’t know what is in store for us in the future. Fear can be crippling. If there is anything I have learned over the past few years (of infertility) it is that I can make choices, but I don’t get to decide how things work out.

Last year when my dad was in the ICU I knew it might be the end. As much as I didn’t want it to be, my dad was in a very serious condition and it was an uphill battle because his health was already so poor. For years I feared getting that call. The one I received from my Aunt on June 17th. I would cry at the thought, but for years it just felt like it could happen at any time. Every time I would visit and it was time to leave I would tear up wondering if this time would be the last time. And then, somehow, against the odds, he came out of ICU and was ok. I don’t know how or why after days of things not improving all of a sudden they did. I don’t know why people who are in far better health pass away much younger than he will. I do know that tomorrow I could get another call and things might not work out this time. It will be sad and heartbreaking when that happens, but I am not afraid of it anymore. God decides what happens, and all I can do right now is spend as much time talking to and visiting those I love as I can.

Day 17- Favorite Childhood Book

When I was a child I don’t know that I had one favorite book. I was very lucky that we had a lot of children’s books in our house, however the most special books were kept on a high shelf on our entertainment center. There were several pop-up books which we were only allowed to read under supervision. It was always so special when my mom would get one for us and sit on the couch and go through the book. Now, they are on a high shelf in my living room entertainment center and on special occasions I read them with my step son.

On a similar note I have been asking for years what happened to all the books we had when we were kids. Kids books are expensive so I really wanted to get my hands on them. Neither of my parents knew what happened to them. Finally last summer I found them when going through things at my dad’s house, but they had been left in an area of his garage that was not protected from weather and most of them were ruined! I was so upset! Thankfully my mom had kept the “special” books separate and gave me those a few years ago.

Day 16- Dream Job Now

I would love to do something similar to Anthony Bourdain. Basically travel the world, stay at fantastic hotels, meet people, experience different cultures, and eat amazing food. I don’t necessarily need to be on TV like he is, but I am not sure under what other circumstance I would have the opportunity to do all of those things as a job.

With that said, in reality a few years ago I had the perfect job situation that I feel like may never be replicated again. I was able to work on a very exciting project which was completely interesting, challenging, and fulfilling in a leadership role. I worked with some amazing people who are still some really close friends from our working relationship. We worked hard and laughed and joked around every day. I had a very minimal commute to work and while I had to work the occasional weekend or late night, mostly my work/life balance was good. I had a great manager who trusted me and had my back and I was respected and treated well by the company. I honestly don’t know that I my work situation will ever be better than it was for that year. Unfortunately projects eventually end and everyone moves on to other things..

Day 15- Dream Job When I was 5

Day 15- Dream Job When I was 5

This is easy….I really wanted to be a doctor. I actually would play “hospital” all the time and use big Rubbermaid tubs as hospital beds for my dolls. I would tape straws to them (like an IV) and use BandAids or medical tape to wrap their arms or legs. It was one of my favorite things to pretend as a kid.

When I got older my mom was convinced that I should become a doctor. I always took two science classes a year in high school so that I could take the advanced sciences when I was an upper classman, and spent a summer shadowing a doctor in our local clinic one day a week. My senior year I got a job as a nurse assistant in a hospital and I absolutely hated it. I never considered being a nurse (although I have insane respect for them), and I didn’t like how the doctors treated the nurses. This was the turning point for me on looking into other careers.

My mom, however, was convinced I needed to be a doctor so when we went to college orientation she basically made me sign up for pre-med. A few days after we left I called my advisor and switched to undeclared (and changed some of my classes), and didn’t tell her for a year!

Not Consuming Sugar for 30 Days is Hard

The Whole30 is serious business. There are a lot of things you have to cut out of your diet. Things that are not necessarily bad for you such as legumes or dairy. The point is that you cut them out, and then after they are totally out of your system you try them again and see how your body reacts. I like the idea behind this method. I mean for my entire 32 years on the planet I have never really known how foods like gluten, legumes, or dairy effect my body so there is really only one way to find out.

What you do have to cut out, which is definitely not healthy for you, is sugar (EXCEPT FRUIT). This is honestly the hardest part, but not because I am craving doughnuts, cupcakes, candy, or the like. It is because sugar is hiding in very unlikely places. When you really start to read labels you will be shocked to see how sugar sneaks in to your diet. I actually am to the point that I wanted to do cart wheels in Costco on Saturday because I found a sausage without preservatives that was only sweetened with apple juice. Honestly finding something in a package that is “quick” to prepare that meets the criteria is like finding gold.

Here are some of the things which have totally shocked me to have sugar in them!

  1.  99% of all lunch meat.  Thus far I have found one lunch meat that complies (Applegate Farms Organic Roast Beef).  Everything else either has sugar in the form of cane sugar, raw sugar, dextrose, honey ect in it, or Carragean (also not allowed) or usually both.
  2. Beef Broth- I have yet to find a beef broth without sugar added.  I ended up having to make two batches of chili for the super bowl I went to over the weekend because the original recipe called for beef broth and half way through cooking I read the label.  I make my own chicken broth so I am not sure if packaged chicken broth also contains sugar but I would not be surprised.
  3. Bacon and other processed meat.  I was able to find one kind of bacon at Whole Foods which does not have sugar.  And then I stumbled upon the chicken apple sausage over the weekend.  I also found one type of cold smoked salmon at whole foods.  These finds were huge.
  4. Almost all packaged condiments.  Finding whole grain and Dijon mustard without sugar was even a huge challenge.  I have learned to make a few condiments that are pretty good such as mayo and “ranch” dressing (the whole30 version is also dairy free).
  5. Dry seasoning packs and store bought rubs.  Not all but a great majority of dry seasoning packs contain sugar and preservatives.  I needed some ranch seasoning over the weekend and was able to make it myself with spices from my kitchen.  It was delish without on the unnecessary sugar and chemicals.

I do not go around blabbing to everyone about my Whole30. Only when people specifically ask to I offer the details of what I am doing and why. When I do begin to explain the “rules” no one seems particularly shocked that I have cut out sugar (except fruit), but when the conversation comes around to honey, and I tell them that is also not allowed, they get almost offended. I cannot even tell you how many times I get the reaction “WHAT! You can’t have HONEY?!?! That is just crazy!” Why is it that this seems so outlandish to people? I mean honey is sugar. Of course the very next thing that comes out of their mouth is the argument that honey is natural. While I actually have several talking points on why something that is natural (ie from Nature) does not necessary mean it’s good for you or that you should have it, I do not take that road. I am certainly not trying to get in an argument over honey and food can be a controversial topic these days. What I do say, however, is the people who developed the Whole30 program said honey is not allowed. I have (by my own freewill) decided to try the Whole30 100%, so while I am doing it, I won’t be having honey. It’s a rule of the program and I respect that. It doesn’t mean I think honey is bad or good (or dairy or legumes or grains or anything else not allowed). It means that I am following a program, and the program is REALLY working for me. I have been alive for over twelve thousand days, and I promise I will be ok not having honey for just 30 days.

If anything this 30 days has taught me how much sugar I unknowingly consume on a regular basis. It’s scary. I am totally not against having sugar in moderation (when you are not doing Whole30 of course), but I like my sugar where I can see it, in a cookie. I don’t want it hiding in my soup, meat, or salad dressing.

Today is Whole30 day 25. Honestly, I have never felt better. I have incredible energy and I am sleeping better than I ever have in my life. The most amazing thing is that when I wake up in the morning, I am ready to go. I have never been a morning person and I can just pop up out of bed. All of the extra energy has helped me stay caught up with household chores during the week which has kept my stress down. I eat until I am full, and that usually gets me to the next meal without a dip in energy or feeling hunger. Occasionally I snack on a piece of fruit or a few nuts, but not nearly as much as when I started. People have also started to comment on my weight loss. The only thing I miss is the experience of my latte. Starbucks totally came through for me and is going to offer coconut milk starting later this month so I can continue to avoid dairy as much as possible!

When I started this I was very determined but also worried about how hard it would be to actually do it.  Traveling for work and get togethers with friends felt really intimidating.  Now that I am 5 days away from actually doing a full 30 days with NO cheating, I will say it was easier than I thought.  Every time I had a week moment I just thought about how great I was feeling and how horrible I felt at the beginning and it just never seemed worth it.

Day 14- A Day in the Life of Me

My days can vary slightly depending on my husband’s travel schedule, my work schedule, and our time with my stepson so I am just going to do a day in the life of yesterday (Wednesday). Here is goes….

6:10 am- Wake up and cuddle with my pup

6:30 am- Shower and morning routine

7:00 am- Let the dog out while I pack my lunch, make a water bottle and a warm water a lemon for the road.

7:30 am- hit the road.

8:00 am- Had a meeting at a property I am working on

9:30 am- Arrived in my office and worked on some super exciting reports and lease reviews.

12:00 pm- Had lunch at my desk while still working on my report

1:00 pm- Finally finished and got online to write a letter to an appliance repair service which I recently had a very negative experience.

1:15 pm- Did some more really exciting work stuff for a while

3:00 pm- had a snack- an orange

4:30 pm- headed home

5:00 pm- Got home and unloaded the dishwasher and started making dinner.

5:30- My husband and step son get home, and we have dinner.

6:00- Family time including reading with my step son and playing a board game.

7:15- Stepson goes home, I take a nice soak in the tub

7:45- I make juice for the next two days, clean the kitchen and restart the dishwasher

8:45- Time to relax on the couch

9:30- bedtime routine

10:30- Sound asleep

Today my husband I actually out of town, so I am getting together with a friend and her adorable baby after work. AND tomorrow is FRIDAY! WOOOHOOO!

Day 13- What is in My Purse

Day 13- What is in my purse

First, on work days I actually have two bags with me all the time, so my purse is actually pretty small.

My work bag has my laptop, iPad, organizer, some emergency snacks (Lara Bars, apple chips), pens, business cards, tea bags, portable phone charger, wall phone charger, computer charger, Wi-Fi jet pack device, tampons, Kleenex, folders with various work documents, and Advil/Excedrin, headphones, usually a water bottle, wet wipes, and a note book.

So what does that leave for my purse???

Napkins, more tampons, business cards, a roller with peppermint oil, pens, a small note book, floss, an Epic protein bar, two three flash drives, Emergen-C, sunglasses, lotion, Aveda Blue Oil, foundation, 1 lip balm and three lip glosses, anti bacterial hand gel, SD card and reader, and usually my cell phone unless I am at my desk or at home.

My wallet is a whole world in itself.

It contains….

My driver’s license, Various credit/debit cards, my Costco rebate check, a $5 Petsmart Coupon, a $10 gift card to Build-a-bear, a $25 American Express Gift card (FYI I am a gift card hoarder), my health insurance card, club cards to Safeway, Raleys, BevMo, Barnes and Noble, Walgreens, Target pharmacy rewards, Kimpton Hotels, Ulta, Aveda, Marriott Rewards, Southwest A-list, Costco,  my car insurance card, $18 in cash, stamps, Old Navy Super Cash, Justice/Brothers $30 fun card, more of my business cards, a $2 bill, my check book, an emergency check, a coke wrapper that says “share a coke with Sara”, business cards to a Nail place, a fertility acupuncture specialist, my dentist, my hair stylist and my eye brow waxing place, and finally a $5 bill from Australia.

Why do I have all of this on my person every day??? I have no idea but when I sat down to write it all out it is A LOT OF STUFF!!!