My Whole30 Kitchen: Friends in the Kitchen (Sort Of)

Last month when I finished my Whole30 I felt….well…a lot of different things. As I mentioned, physically I felt amazing. Like better than ever. I was also scared to dip my toes into the pool of non-Whole30 foods. I mean I felt so great I didn’t want to accidentally fall in headfirst and ruin all the progress that I made. I started slow….having something off plan every few days. Everything was going pretty well, and then last week happened. My husband was out of town for work the entire week and cooking for one person really just sucks and I caught a terrible cold.

When I am sick I want only one thing. Soup. And honestly I have no interest in making soup myself. Actually I would prefer that it be delivered to me. My favorite soup while sick is chicken noodle (obviously) from Panera or Whole Foods. And I need to have it with sourdough bread. Suffice to say I did not stick to the plan the whole week.

My energy was way down partially from being sick and partially from eating poorly which made getting back on the plan feel so hopeless. As you may recall from previous posts there is a serious amount of prep work that goes into eating Whole30 and I was dragging my feet to get back to it.

Finally yesterday afternoon I decided that I just really needed to clean the kitchen. I finally got up off the couch and went too it. This eventually lead to prepping veggies for the week and doing the prep work for the overnight crockpot meal I wanted to make.

About an hour in to my prep, when my back was starting to hurt and I was eyeing my spot on the couch, I got a text from my brother and his girlfriend that they had been trying (and failing miserably) at making their own mayo. After a few failures of my own I have mastered this craft quite beautifully. We decided to do Facetime and I would whip up a batch to try to help them out. They are just starting to try paleo/whole30 cooking so we ended up continuing our conversation well past the mayo and staying on Facetime for 3 hours while we both did a ton of prep and cooked dinner. It was actually so much fun to chat with them while we both did the dreaded prep work that it didn’t even feel like work! We even sat down and had dinner together over Facetime and then enjoyed a beer (or two!) together afterwards.

It really sucks living so far away from my family sometimes but this experience as so much fun. I feel like living far away from someone when you do talk to them you tend to share less of the “everyday” stuff which can actually lead to some other great conversation. I know they weren’t actually in the room with me physically but I felt like I got to spend quality time with them last night and it gave me the motivation to keep going with my food prep and set us up for success this week!

I know it sounds a little crazy but if you have a friend who tends to do food prep for the week at the same time as you do, try doing Facetime/Skpe with them while you both work. It definitely makes it seem like a lot less work and you can catch up at the same time! Brilliant!