My Whole30 Kitchen-The Juice

If you have read It Starts with Food you may or may not remember the author’s view on juicing. For those who haven’t read it, she discourages it. This is where I go a little rogue. Her view is to just eat the fruit in its whole form to get the benefits of the fiber. I don’t find this to be bad advice, however I have a few reasons for including juice in my daily Whole30 regiment.

First, I don’t just use fruit in my juice blend. There are small exceptions to this, such as when I have a few fruits on the edge of going bad that need to be consumed quickly. Or on a Sunday morning as a special treat I might made a pineapple/orange/apple blend. Otherwise I usually use a lemon, orange, and/or apple just to sweeten my blend. The rest is all greens. And honestly I could never consume the amount of spinach, kale, ect that I can drink in one glass of green juice. I just don’t like salad that much.

Secondly, fresh juice gives me an incredible amount of energy. Usually I only have it once a day, first thing in the morning. During Whole30 it’s sort of my replacement for coffee. It totally hits the spot, and gives me a great morning boost.

There is nothing in my go-to juice blend that does not meet the Whole30 ingredient criteria, and I am not using it as a replacement for dessert or sugar so for me I think it is okay to have. If you are really trying to cut your sugar addiction while doing Whole30 I would recommend eating as little fruit as possible, but don’t be afraid to use it when you really need it……like if its 3pm and you feel like you are going to cave in to a snickers craving if you don’t get something sweet. In that case, have some fruit, but don’t let it be the majority of what you are eating every day.

A few things to note about juice

  • Fresh made juice typically lasts about 3 days.  It is not pasteurized so the shelf life is short.
  • It’s best to have juice on an empty stomach.  I usually have it first thing in the morning, but if you are going to have it later, wait 2-3 hours after eating, and try not to eat anything for an hour after you have had it.
  • Juicing takes some time.  I try to prep as many things as possible ahead of time, like making sure all of my greens are washed.  I also keep a container of washed/cut celery sticks in the fridge.  Even so it does take a while because there are just some things you can’t prep ahead, like cutting apples.   And it is very important to clean your machine immediately, which adds to the time.  I always fill my sink with hot soapy water before I start so I can throw the parts in immediately.  I also use a Target bag in the waste bin which is a huge help with clean up.
  • If you don’t have a juicer make a smoothie in the blender….and add your greens!  There are some really awesome smoothie recipes out there, but for me there is a textural issue with them that sometimes doesn’t go over well.  In my opinion it’s also harder to do smoothies on the Whole30 because you can’t use dairy and unless you make your own finding a compliant almond milk is tough.  You do have the option of using coconut milk (out of the can….not the kind in the carton unless you found some that has no preservatives or sugar).  I personally find it way easier to make a veggie heavy juice than a veggie heavy smoothie.
  • Store your juice in glass.  It will stain/ruin plastic bottles.  I suggest getting a large glass bottle at Ikea or buying a single serving drink that comes in glass at a convenience store and reuse the bottle.  There is a tea that has the perfect size and its less than $3 per bottle.  That is WAY cheaper than buying a glass water bottle at target ect.

Here is my go-to juice recipe.  I make juice every other day and this makes about 4 portions (which is perfect for my husband and me).  If you are just juicing for you, I would cut it in half because you don’t want your juice to go bad.  Also, I would recommend going softest to hardest as you put the items thru the juicer.

4-6 cups Greens (spinach, kale, chard, romaine, spring mix, ANY GREENS)

2-3 cucumbers

6-8 stalks of celery

1 lemon (peeled)

2 Green apples or 2 oranges (or 1 of both!)

2 cups of filtered water



1”-2” knob of ginger (peeled)

Handful of parsley



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