My Whole30 Kitchen-Breakfast

Breakfast was by far the hardest part of the Whole30 for me, because I don’t usually eat breakfast and I don’t like eggs. When I first started my Whole30 I knew that having breakfast was going to be really important but it was difficult to figure out what to eat since most breakfast food I like contains grains, and during the week since I work full time I did not have time to actually cook up anything, so my breakfast had to be easy on-the-go. After about a week and a half of eating I don’t even remember what in the mornings (and not enough to keep me full until lunch), I had completed the book It Starts With Food, and realized that I really needed to eat more protein for breakfast.

I tried to step outside my box and I had my husband make me a few egg frittatas. I put in a bunch of veggies I like such as artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper, raw red/yellow/orange bell pepper, mini heirloom tomatoes or grape tomatoes chopped, chopped garlic, chopped shallot, spinach, ect. Sort of whatever I had in the fridge that sounded good. We also added in some of the pork from my previous blog entry recipe. It was so full of veggies and meat that I didn’t notice the egg too much and it was actually pretty good. It was definitely better fresh than reheated but add a little hot sauce or salsa and it was definitely a good breakfast! The downside was that it had to be made in advance and reheated, but still something I recommend.

Other than bacon I have never been super into meat at breakfast, but I also found that I liked having some Aidell’s chicken apple sausage or the Aidell’s meatballs. Costco has both for a good price, but make sure you check your labels as not all flavors are Whole30 compliant. Aidell’s is a popular brand I have seen their products at other grocery stores too, but I buy at Costco because it’s more cost efficient. I have also heard that Applegate Farms makes a compliant sausage but I have not yet found those in any of my local stores. Both the sausages and meatballs can be easily heated in my office’s microwave as they are fully cooked when you buy them.

On the weekends when we were actually home my husband would make breakfast. I would usually have him make me a frittata with compliant bacon. He is less adventurous with the veggies that I am so he would make himself an omelet using ghee. Another favorite for him was to put a fried egg over sweet potato hash (a recipe I will share in a few days).

I also discovered that I can handle hardboiled egg whites in moderation. On days that I was working out of the office with no access to a microwave I would take 2-3 hardboiled eggs and eat them with a little salt and paprika. For some reason I just can’t eat the yolk though.

After incorporating more protein into my morning I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt. I was definitely fuller longer and had more energy throughout the day.


5 thoughts on “My Whole30 Kitchen-Breakfast

  1. Ironically, I was just reading up on breakfast and the rules. I’m trying to get everything ready today. This post is helpful because I do the same thing with the egg fritatta & veggies, but struggling on my workout days. I wake up at 4:45am and usually eat a half an apple. Then right after the workout I eat breakfast (eggs/protein shake). I was thinking maybe swapping the half apple with an egg with a little avocado oil instead?? Then post-workout sweet potatoes.. but I’m lost on the protein if I eat an egg in the morning. Another egg?? I’m struggling with the ‘rules’ and my early morning workout. Any suggestions?

    • One thing I noticed is that they say you should get out of the mindset of “breakfast foods”. Think of it more as meal 1, 2, and 3 instead of Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m an egg person, but I think I’m going to have to add more protein to meal 1 than just eggs because I did eggs, veggies and strawberries and I already feel hungry and that was just an hour or so ago. I have to go do my actual shopping this afternoon.

      • I’m okay with that, just not on my really early workout days. I’m up and out the door within 15min and don’t think I can eat a whole meal before I go to the gym because I’d probably throw it up. There are rules on the website I was reading for before a workout/after a workout. I was having trouble fitting it in. Normally I would just eat fruit in the morning.. but it looks like I may have to eat something small (an egg) before I go and eat again when I come back. I was reading the page about pre-work out vs. Post-work out and I think I’ll be okay. Thank you. Good luck with your shopping!!

      • I only work out in the morning on the weekends. I also cant eat a bunch before I workout or else I feel sick the whole time and spend more energy trying to keep my food down than actually on my workout. usually I eat a Lara bar before I go. Its compliant, gives me enough energy to get thru the workout, and doesn’t make me feel sick while im working out.

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