International Travel Advice

Does anyone have any go-to travel accessories they recommend for long international trips (specifically to Europe)?  Any really important travel tips?

My trip is about 2 weeks long to Italy specifically, and I want to make sure I am prepared!

Your help is appreciated!



7 thoughts on “International Travel Advice

  1. I always bring comfortable shoes for lots of walking, flip flops for nice days and a first aid kit (although I suspect the first aid kit isn’t a necessity in Italy). I hate over-packing so I don’t bring a lot of clothing and just wash things once a week, often in the sink in my hotel room if I’m without services. Bring clothing you can layer so you don’t have to run back to the hotel constantly. And a bonus of packing light is that you have more room to bring home a few extra things you buy along the way. And extra camera batteries and SD cards are a must for me given my love for taking photos (honestly, I even bring an old backup camera, but I realize most people aren’t as crazy as I am).
    And if you like to read and your going somewhere where English is not the first language, then bring books with you and if you run our of room in your suitcase just leave them in the lobby of a hotel when you finish them – someone else will appreciate your once read book. I’ve always found English books to be expensive in non-English counties. Of use some sort of high tech e-reader, but clearly I’m still old fashioned.
    Oh, and make sure you bring a charger that will work for your gadgets and Italy’s voltage.
    Otherwise, my theory is if I miss packing something critical I can buy just about anything I forget.
    And clearly, have fun!!

    • Thanks! I am trying to start my packing strategy now so I don’t over pack. My general style is actually to layer and I have been trying to put together outfits for work that I might realistically wear on my trip. I have read that in Italy they like women to wear skirts below the knee so I purchased a few of those and im trying to create outfits. I am thinking of getting 2 pair of Toms to wear for shoes. Do you bring detergent with you or just use soap for washing clothes?

  2. Books to read on the plane, comfortable shoes, one light weight, yet warm hoodie, comfortable shoes, headphones for the movies on the plane (the ones they give aren’t good usually), put some clothes in your carry-on in case your luggage goes missing, travel size toiletries are a life saver… and in case you missed it, comfortable shoes :). Have fun!!!

  3. My favorite topic – traveling! Definitely bring toothbrush/paste and one change of clothes on your bag ON the plane! I have had several times where luggage got lost and it’s nice to have the essentials with you! Other then that, I don’t think there is anything different then other trips. Depending on where you are staying, you might want/need a sleepsack!

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