Italy Trip- Capri

If nothing else just scroll to the photos on this post.  Even just going through picking which ones to post was so hard.  Can I go back to Capri please!?!

Driving down the freeway from Rome to Naples was a beautiful scenic ride. The Italian countryside is nothing short of breathtaking. Honestly it’s amazing an entire country can be that beautiful. I was quite worn out on the ride and probably should have tried to catch a nap, but I just had to look out the window the whole ride! Naples on the other hand, well the part we drove through anyway, was not pretty. Actually if the whole city looks like that, I certainly never need to go back, unless it is to catch the boat to Capri.

Our tour director was very stressed out because apparently we were running behind and we had a boat to catch. Thankfully we managed to get on in the nick of time. The boat ride was actually unremarkable because we could not actually see out the windows. It took about 40 minutes to get from Naples to Capri on the boat. Capri was one of my favorite parts of the trip, and it’s hard to fully explain how amazing it is. Pictures cannot begin to capture its beauty. After arriving we had to get on this cable car on a rail kind of thing called the Funicular. It was quite the adventure getting Grandma on in the wheelchair but by the time we left we had the hang of it. The Funicular took us to the town of Capri, where we would be staying. It was about a 10 minute walk straight downhill from the main square of Capri. The hotel was beautiful. We had a room with a balcony with a view of the sea. I ended up spending quite a bit of time there just relaxing. After checking in we had the night to ourselves to relax and explore. By the time we arrived all of the “day trip” tourists had left leaving the island very quiet and peaceful. We found a restaurant very close to the hotel (which did not involve pushing the wheelchair alllllll the way back up the hill again). Knowing that we would be having some downtime to relax the following day I even went down to the bar by myself to have a glass of wine when everyone else had gone to bed.

The next morning we started the day going to the garden of Cesar Augustus which was a short walk down the path from the hotel. The views from the garden were some of my favorite on the trip. It was still early and the day trip tourists had not yet arrived so it was still quite peaceful. We spent quite a time just enjoying the view before heading back up the path toward the town square. Getting Grandma back up the hill, which was now much more crowded and seemed much more narrow than I remembered, was a challenge but we made it.

From there we took the Funicular back down to the harbor and boarded a small private boat. We took a boat ride around part of the island with most of our group (it was an optional excursion). Capri has many grottos, the most famous of which is the Blue Grotto. Getting to the Blue Grotto is somewhat complicated and a very long process, so on our boat tour we visited some others which were very amazing and easily accessible. The color of the water in Capri was absolutely insane. It was like nothing I have ever seen in any tropical or island destination I have been. There was also visibility for several feet down. Finally on our boat ride we went to Faraglioni, a set of three rock formations that rise up out of the sea. The middle formation called Faraglione di Mezzo has an opening at the bottom which we went through in the boat. If you go through that opening with your significant other it is good luck to kiss as you pass through. I was really wishing my husband had been with me for that part!

After arriving back to the harbor we were free for the rest of the afternoon until dinner. We decided to enjoy lunch at a restaurant by the water. They actually brought out a tray of fresh fish to choose which we wanted! Our lunch was excellent with a great view! Afterwards we did a little shopping around the harbor. The shops in the town of Capri were incredibly expensive and mostly Italian designers such as Prada and Ferragamo, which are not in my price range. Down at the harbor things were more reasonable. I actually ended up buying a pair of sandals which they built to fit my feet specifically. They are super cute and really comfortable too! It took the girls in the shop about 15 minutes to make them.

After shopping and another adventure back up to Capri town on the Funicular Grandma wanted some time to rest so I set out on my own for a few minutes. I stopped at a fruit stand along the path that sold what was basically a slush made with fresh lemon and orange, both fruit grown on the island. It was so good and a perfect mid afternoon treat for a warm day. The island was very full of the day trip tourists, mostly from cruise ships. I found a nice spot to sit out of the way and just enjoyed the view. It was perfect.

Later that evening we headed back up the hill to the main square with many from our group and enjoyed dinner in Capri at a restaurant also called the Capri. So if you are keeping count that is now the Isle of Capri, the town of Capri and now a restaurant called The Capri. Dinner was a prefix meal consisting of salad, pasta (gnocchi), fish (salmon) and dessert. Needless to say I was stuffed. We also had a great view of the sea at sunset while we dinned.

The next morning leaving Capri was a bit hectic. We had to meet at the square quite early to take taxis down to the harbor. The Funicular was not yet running at that hour. The taxi ride was crazy   as there are very few places on Capri (island) that you can even drive a car, and the few roads they have are very narrow. Thankfully we made it down, and to our boat on time and we were off on our next adventure to Pompeii!

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