Back to the RE

First thank you so much to those who commented on my last post about my tummy troubles. I thought I was finally past whatever it was that was upsetting my stomach so much, but apparently not. After making it through Saturday and most of Sunday without getting sick (including 3 meals out) I thought I was in the clear. Nope. After dinner last night I barely made it home without getting sick. Whatever the issue is, it seems to be completely around eating. It’s really the worst.

This is the first Monday in a while that I actually looked forward too. Mostly because I am not working today and of course the anticipation of my first appointment back at the RE in over a year…

Our appointment was first thing this morning. I was expecting to just have an office visit that would basically be a repeat of our IVF consult from last year. I was very surprised when they wanted to do an ultrasound first. I should also note that we met with Dr. S, who is not our regular doctor. Dr. M was not available until the end of the month and that just wasn’t going to work. I had heard good things about Dr. S so I decided to schedule with her because she had more availability.

The ultrasound was quick and she just checked for cysts (none!) and did antral follicle count. Last October I think my count was 15 or 16 and today it was only 10. I was not happy with that news.

The office visit part of the appointment was exactly as I expected. She basically did an overview of the process, which we had already heard before. She discussed success rates and risks. We let her know that we did not want to do the embryo biopsy. She ordered a lab panel for me and told me the financial and nurse coordinator would be in touch. I let her know we were hoping to start birth control in January and she felt that was reasonable. I am really trying not get my heart set on anything as far as dates go because I know how much can change.

After the appointment I headed straight to the lab to get my bloodwork. Since I was scared to eat beforehand thanks to my unpredictable stomach I had was good to get them taken care of now. I also had to write my primary care doc to get a TSH for my thyroid which I can hopefully get done later this week. The wildcard will be getting my appointment set up with the nurse coordinator and financial coordinator with the holiday thrown in to my month window before my January cycle starts. Deep breaths….

I am hoping to get to the eye doctor today and I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. Honestly I need to get a lot done today and it’s already noon!


If things go as planned and there are nothing crazy happens with my cycle I would be on BC from about January 8th-28th. The weekend of the 23rd my husband has an annual guy’s trip to Vegas with some of his childhood friends. This year, however, some of the wives have said they want to come and have a girl’s weekend. Clearly a girl’s weekend in Vegas doesn’t sound all that great to me since I won’t be drinking at all. While we were waiting for our appointment this morning my husband tells me that one of his friends had written him about the Vegas trip last night and my husband told him that I probably would not be coming. His friend told him that the only reason that his wife wanted to go was to see me. I don’t actually know his wife very well and we haven’t spent much time together but I told my husband I would write her and let her know the situation. When I got home I wrote her a Facebook message letting her know I would love to come see her however I wouldn’t drinking and would want to keep it low-key. Through the magic of Facebook I saw that she read the message right away but she did not respond.

About an hour later I wrote my husband a text to let him know that I had written her. His response, “I heard.”

Already I’m pretty annoyed that somehow he already knew that I had written her, especially since she hadn’t responded to me. So I asked him how he knew I had written her.

“My sister told me.”

WHAT!?!?! Why is his sister a part of all of this now? I know that his sister and the woman I wrote are friends, but as far as I know his sister wasn’t invited on the trip so why is she involved?!?!

So basically I feel like I am being talked about behind my back about something that is clearly very personal. Apparently I should have just not gone on the trip with no explanation. Seriously is this 5th grade?  It’s really upsetting.

I really want to be open about what we are going through with our infertility, however situations like these are what make it so difficult. It does not feel good to think people are gossiping about your infertility. L


5 thoughts on “Back to the RE

  1. An RE, dentist, AND eye doctor appointment in one day?! Wow. I feel like a total slacker now lol. I hope you can get your cycle timed out the way you want it. It can be so tricky trying to coordinate this kind of thing during the holidays. Good luck 🙂

    • I am not sure that the eye doc is happening….I got caught up in cleaning my kitchen and now I don’t have enough time before the dentist. Thanks for the luck! Hopefully everything falls into place.

  2. I am glad your appointment went well first off! Ugh though I hate when people decide your story is their’s to tell! We have opened up a lot over the last few years, but for a long time only a few people knew. Some of them broke our trust and it made it hard to trust again. Don’t let it get you down though! Focus on the good plans for January.

  3. Ugh…I’m sorry you’re dealing with high schoolers…so annoying! I hope all goes smoothly with your cycle though and you’re able to get started in January. That was a lot of appointments for one day, Lady!

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