Looking Back/Ahead and IVF Updates

EEK can you believe it’s going to be 2016 in a few days? This year seriously flew by. 2015 was filled with a lot of great things for me, including a very special trip to Italy with my mom and grandma. I am forever grateful for the unexpected opportunity to join them on that trip, although I wish it was under different circumstances.

We already have some exciting things planned for 2016 including IVF, but I will get to that in a minute. I have a girl’s weekend planned in Oregon in March and we will be traveling to Kansas to celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday on Memorial Day weekend. We also may take a quick weekend trip to Vegas in January with some friends. We aren’t planning anything past May yet until we know if IVF was successful. We will also be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary in August which seems really unbelievable!

I have a lot of hope for 2016 and I am excited to see what the year brings. In 2015 I really focused on my health and my body. It was easier at some points of the year and harder at others but overall I maintained about a 10 lb weight loss from where I started and I learned a lot about what is the best way to fuel my body. I definitely know how to set myself up for success for feeling my best and I learned a ton of great new recipes!

In 2016 my focus is going to be my attitude and my presence. Basically I am going to focus on complaining less and counting my blessings more. A very large challenge for sure. I also want to be present in the moment. Less distractions, more interactions.


I have my nurse coordinator meeting tomorrow afternoon. She did actually call me today to ask about some paperwork so I felt great about that since it’s the first time I have actually talked to her. She posted a timeline to my patient portal today, and I am looking forward to hearing more tomorrow. I am cycle day 20 today, which means my period could arrive in the next 5-10 days. In times like these my irregular cycles make me crazy.

In preparation for all of this I have added more supplements to my regiment. Due to my low AMH I added DHEA 3x per day because I have serious egg quality concerns. I also added L-Arginine, Vitamin E, and Maca. I was already taking COQ10 3x per day, Omega fish oil, Vitamin D (2x per day), Acai, Primrose Oil, Prenatal + a folate tab, probiotics, and B12. I think that’s all. I also plan to start taking melatonin.

I am on a strict 2 glass of wine per day (or less) restriction until my BCP cycle starts and then it will be no alcohol. I have also had a very limited amount of caffeine the past few weeks and I will have zero starting with my BCP cycle. After our holiday travel (we get back on January 3rd) I will go strict Whole30 eating and start juicing every day. The only exception to this will be if we go to Vegas for the weekend, where I will still have no alcohol or caffeine but will probably ease up for two days on the eating.

This week I will be starting double treatments at Acupuncture adding back treatments which can improve follicle count.

Despite the several feet of snow in Oregon over Christmas I actually walked several miles each day (thanks to my dog who needed to be taken out). Being back at work today has been a total bummer because I feel like I’m chained to a desk for all daylight hours. I really would like to keep up the walking routine but with the cold weather and darkness after 5 it’s going to be a real challenge. Basically there are 4 months a year I really wish we had a treadmill. On that note does anyone have a fertility Yoga DVD they recommend?

Well hopefully I will have more to update tomorrow after my appointments. I hope you all had a great Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Looking Back/Ahead and IVF Updates

  1. Phew…I need to follow your motivation and get my butt back in gear too! I’m so excited for you to be able to get started with IVF and I love your focus for 2016! I’m still trying to figure out what word/thing I want to focus on for next year. I love that concept vs. resolutions.

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