Officially Official

Tomorrow I start BCP. So it’s like officially official. IVF is happening. Also making it real….the huge check I dropped off this morning. Cue the anxiety.

Next Friday I will have my injection training, turn in all consent forms, DH will give his back up sample, and I will have a hysteroscopy. If the hysteroscopy is clear of any cysts, polyps, ect. I will be cleared to move forward and my meds will be ordered.

My last day of BCP is 1/29. And then we wait for AF to reappear.

So how am I dealing with all of this? At the moment, surprisingly well. Or at least I am channeling my anxiety in a productive way.

I do feel very anxious at times for sure. I have gone into ultra-nesting mode at home. Seriously everything must be organized. All of this pent up nervous energy I have actually made putting away Christmas decorations less of a bummer than usual. Actually it was a project to be conquered. I even purged to the Goodwill pile and everything is overly organized and labeled.

I have boxes upon boxes of stuff I was considering putting in a garage sale, but honestly I think my energy is better served in other areas so this weekend DH will be taking it to Goodwill and out of my precious storage space in the garage.

My goal is to focus on one room at a time over the next few weeks and get things in order. Goals for this weekend include:

Meal prep

Cleaning and Organizing the laundry room (which includes all cleaning products)

Making laundry soap

Taking boxes to Goodwill

The key seems to be to stay busy because times like now, when I am at work, not busy, and chained to my desk, are the worst!

I hope everyone has a super weekend!

Hello 2016







IMG_2816IMG_2799IMG_2786IMG_2774IMG_2766Happy New Year dear blog friends. I hope you had a lovely weekend ringing in the new with friends and family. I was so fortunate to spend NYE with my husband, stepson, aunt and uncle in Portland. The men cooked a scrumptious dinner of fresh pasta and shrimp scampi. We enjoyed a champagne toast at 11pm and tossed a list of 2016 wishes and 2015 forgottens into the fire. We went to bed around 11:30 pm which was far too late, especially for my stepson, but you only live once right!

We started off the New Year at OMSI, a really wonderful children’s science museum in Portland. OMSI has several hands on exhibits and experiments which my stepson absolutely loves. I think he was 5 the first time we brought him and its really awesome to see how much more he understands and how excited he was at 8 years old. Thankfully we arrived in the morning and it wasn’t at all crowded yet. By the time we left just the line to get tickets was really long so we were grateful for our early start.

After lunch at a fun sandwich spot down the street we headed to Salt and Straw, a unique ice cream shop in Portland. We all ordered a scoop of Elvis’s Birthday, which was banana pudding ice cream with peanut butter bacon Oreos. Oh-Em-Gee was it amazing. We capped off our day in Portland with a stop at Powell’s Bookstore downtown. If you haven’t ever been there it’s honestly hard to describe. It’s by far the largest bookstore I have ever been in, with several levels and different rooms. Basically it’s a city block. My stepson was able to find a few really awesome children’s cookbooks (he loves cooking and wants to be a chef) and I bought two adult coloring books! I could spend hours looking around that place!

January second was no less exciting as we headed off to the Columbia River Gorge in search of some winter waterfalls. It was cold and extremely windy but so worth it to see AMAZING waterfalls cascading down icy/snowy cliffs. The most famous is Multnomah Falls, which is actually a double waterfall, but there were some other really cool one’s along the way as well. I added a few pictures of our adventure.

We packed up the car and headed for home on Sunday morning. We woke up to the unfortunate surprise of snow which delayed our drive by 2+ hours due to icy road conditions. The car was so over packed that my pup had to ride in my lap the whole way. Thankfully we made it home safely around 8 pm. We quickly unloaded the car and tried to relax before heading to bed. Unfortunately all of that stuff we unloaded is still sitting in my front room waiting to be unpacked. I have a feeling it’s going to be there until this weekend. I did wash, but not fold, a great deal of laundry, so that is a win right!?!

Monday I actually didn’t mind being back in the office. It was a slow day at work and it allowed me to catch up on bills and some other assorted paperwork. Monday night I attended an egg class at my clinic with the embryologist. I was actually the only person who had signed up for that night so it was great to have one on one time as I could ask specific questions to my case as he went through the presentation. I actually learned quite a bit and I am really amazed at how many little details they know about the fertilization process. Science is truly amazing. Also the embryologist shared that he has four children through IVF and it was the reason he wanted to pursue this career. He really cares about and loves his job which was great to hear.

The few days away really helped distract me and alleviate a lot of the anxiety I was feeling after my nurse appointment last week, however I could feel it building again yesterday. By the time I went to bed last night I had a pretty significant headache that was still present this morning. I was thankful that I had acupuncture first thing this morning. I had my first back treatment and my first treatment with the electrodes. She put needles in my neck as well, as that seemed to be the source of my headache. She also placed needles to help Aunt Flo arrive. After the appointment I had a slight improvement in my headache and she said it might take all day to clear. I decided to make a visit to the chiropractor to speed things along. I actually had to come see him for two months, which I totally attribute to acupuncture, but after 30 plus hours in the car, two plane rides, and four nights sleeping in a bed with my stepson in the last two weeks I figured an adjustment could do me a lot of good. While it didn’t totally clear my headache it did help immensely. I also had to stop by the pharmacy to pick up my BCP, prescription prenatals, and doxycycline, as well as my normal Synthroid. I am seriously so thankful I am slow at work so I was able to get all of this done!

While acupuncture has really minimized any PMS symptoms I could definitely sense that Aunt Flo would be arriving soon when I woke up. I was expecting she would probably show up tomorrow morning, but she decided to come this afternoon instead! So far I am just spotting (which is really unusual for me), but I do feel good knowing that I will likely be full flow by at least tomorrow morning and this will all get rolling! I am guessing my nurse will count tomorrow as Day 1 and I will start BCP on Friday. This just got real.