Officially Official

Tomorrow I start BCP. So it’s like officially official. IVF is happening. Also making it real….the huge check I dropped off this morning. Cue the anxiety.

Next Friday I will have my injection training, turn in all consent forms, DH will give his back up sample, and I will have a hysteroscopy. If the hysteroscopy is clear of any cysts, polyps, ect. I will be cleared to move forward and my meds will be ordered.

My last day of BCP is 1/29. And then we wait for AF to reappear.

So how am I dealing with all of this? At the moment, surprisingly well. Or at least I am channeling my anxiety in a productive way.

I do feel very anxious at times for sure. I have gone into ultra-nesting mode at home. Seriously everything must be organized. All of this pent up nervous energy I have actually made putting away Christmas decorations less of a bummer than usual. Actually it was a project to be conquered. I even purged to the Goodwill pile and everything is overly organized and labeled.

I have boxes upon boxes of stuff I was considering putting in a garage sale, but honestly I think my energy is better served in other areas so this weekend DH will be taking it to Goodwill and out of my precious storage space in the garage.

My goal is to focus on one room at a time over the next few weeks and get things in order. Goals for this weekend include:

Meal prep

Cleaning and Organizing the laundry room (which includes all cleaning products)

Making laundry soap

Taking boxes to Goodwill

The key seems to be to stay busy because times like now, when I am at work, not busy, and chained to my desk, are the worst!

I hope everyone has a super weekend!


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