Game On- CD1

Game on baby.  Let’s do this.

Today is CD 1 of my very long awaited IVF cycle. The 21 days of birth control went really quickly. The 3 since stopping the pill and waiting for AF to arrive….eternity. She actually made her entrance last night while I was making dinner. I might have squealed like a little girl and immediately Snapchatted the news to two of my besties (Don’t worry…it was just a selfie making a funny face). Obviously at exactly 8:30 when my clinic switches on their business hours phone system I dialed my nurse to share the news with her as well. Unfortunately she wasn’t standing by the phone awaiting my call so I had to leave a message and I headed to acupuncture.

Usually acupuncture really chills me out. Last week I actually feel asleep. This week I just laid there wondering if I was missing the call from my nurse. I mean I did relax some, but not to the usual level of Zen magic I get from my sessions. Of course the nurse did call ten minutes into my appointment but honestly that’s a good thing because I would have been disappointed if I didn’t have a message from her. When I called back, it turns out this time she was waiting for my call. She actually answered and then put me on hold to finish a phone call. I am scheduled to come in this afternoon at 4 for my baseline.

On a separate note, my medication arrived last Friday. Opening that HUGE box of meds was actually really overwhelming and gave me some anxiety. I mean how is it possible that all of it goes into my body in such a short period of time? For the time being the entire top shelf of my fridge is reserved for fertility meds. Honestly it does keep me from wanting to open the refrigerator very often to have them just staring at me.


I am also feeling super blessed to have some really wonderful people in my life who have been checking up on me, sending me cards, an adult “swearword” coloring book, and this beautiful necklace from Desirae. My heart is so full knowing these people are thinking of me.


While it’s so exciting to be moving forward it’s also overwhelming and stressful. I am so thankful for your prayers and positive thoughts! XOXO


8 thoughts on “Game On- CD1

  1. I wish you the very best!! It does seem incredibly overwhelming – but when you break down each day and what to take each day – its much less daunting. And then, when it comes down to it. It is over so quickly – and you are left going “is that it??” – lots of love and babydust for this next step of your journey!! X

  2. I am so behind on getting updated on what’s going on with you and I hate it!!!! I’m sorry I haven’t been here for you more. 😦 I am so excited for you to get started but I did see that another post popped up from you that seemed like something may have happened so I need to keep catching up so I can see what’s going on now. Thinking of you always, Friend!!! xoxo

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