Game Paused? (Updated)

Infertility is a rollercoaster. There are loops ahead that you just don’t see coming. Road blocks in your path that could derail you at any moment.

Honestly I expected my baseline appointment yesterday to just be a formality. One hundred percent of me believed there would not be an issue. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WRONG. I have a cyst. The doc called it a functional cyst, and thanks to Dr. Google I now understand that a functional cyst is caused by a follicle that doesn’t property release an egg and seals itself off causing a cyst. I had an ultrasound in December and at that time, no cyst. I have now had two cycles, one on BCP and one not, and now I have a cyst.

So what does this mean? That depends. They immediately took my P4 (progesterone) and E2 (estrogen) levels via blood test. Since it was 5pm the results will be back sometime this morning.

If my E2 is high and my P4 is low, I go pick up another pack of BCP and take them for 21 more days and hope the cyst goes away.

If my P4 is high and my E2 is low, the doc thinks that what I am experiencing right now isn’t actually my period and I have to wait for a “true” period for my body to naturally shed the cyst. I promise you this is my period. This result is the most unlikely.

If both are high, I go on BCP.

And then there is the desired result….both are low. IF both come back low I can go in this afternoon and have the cyst aspirated (drained) and move forward with Lupron tonight. From what the nurse described to me, having a cyst aspirated is similar to what they do for a retrieval. They go in with a needle via ultrasound and drain the cyst (which is on my ovary) by going through the wall of my uterus. The largest difference procedurally between the two is the time it will take, and the fact that I will be doing it the “natural” route…..nothing for the pain. And there will be pain.

There is one other little complication in all of this….my nurse is off today and tomorrow is the only day this week that I absolutely cannot miss work at all for the entire day because my boss is flying into town first thing in the morning and we are touring properties together. That means if my levels come back low I have to have the cyst aspirated this afternoon. And I’m relying on another nurse to help make that happen. It’s sort of amazing to me that they already scheduled out my next three monitoring appointments for next week, but they would not just pencil in an appointment for me today just in case I need to come in. Right now I’m just hoping and praying that the levels come back low and that by the time we have the results there are still appointments available.

This is the kind of anxiety that the fertiles do not understand. Sure I get the big picture. I understand that this may just be a month delay and it’s not the end of the world. Believe me, I get that. But seriously I have been mentally preparing myself for this cycle for a while now. It felt like forever just to get here and now we have only just started and there is already a complication. And even if it works out I still have to go in for a painful procedure, and try to juggle my life and career around all of this.

Deep breaths. Lots of prayers. This may be a long morning.


The results are in and as it goes with infertility the least likely situation is the way its turned out.  My E2 levels were good and low.  My p4, however, was higher than they wanted.  They like to see anything under 2 and mine was 2.88.

The plan is to retest on Friday and aspirate the cyst as well.  If the P4 level is good I will be able to start Lupron on Friday and Stims on Sunday.  Lots of prayers please!!!



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