One Day at a Time

That is the new mantra over here. Just one day at a time. Because looking ahead or trying to plan things ahead during IVF is a joke.

I went in this morning to have my cyst aspirated and to get another blood draw to test my progesterone.

The cyst aspiration went better than expected. I expected it to be horrible. It was extremely uncomfortable and at one point, when they put in the needle, it hurt. The whole thing lasted maybe 15 minutes. It was really surprising how much fluid they drained. After they did a blood draw and I met with my nurse again to go over my tentative appointment schedule in case I was cleared.

Unfortunately right after the procedure they gave me an antibiotic, which was obviously necessary, but made me really sick. My stomach was empty by the time I took it and I started to feel horrible on my way home. Thankfully I ate something and after about an hour and a half I felt better.

After a few work meetings in the afternoon I decided to go to the pharmacy and pick up my prenatal and to pick up my refill of BCP just in case. While I was waiting for them to fill the prescription my nurse called and informed me that my progesterone was at 2.4, and in order to go forward with this cycle it needed to be 2 or lower. She instructed me to start BCP immediately and she would let me know how many days to take it (but probably around 21).

So this cycle is over right as is started. And now it’s back to waiting and hoping and praying that my next cycle works out. At the pharmacy I felt like crying, but now I just feel numb. I know its not the worst thing ever to wait another month, but it’s so discouraging to have things go south literally on day one.

Thank you everyone for the support and nice comments. Much appreciated!


6 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. So frustrating all this hurry up and wait. A month can feel so long when you’ve already invested so much waiting already. I hope time flies quickly and you can get started on IVF next month wit no problems. x

  2. Ugh that sucks!! I hope you can find some fun stuff to make time go quickly. Also, would you mind explaining how they aspirate a cyst? It sounds like they didn’t even use any anesthetic? I had major surgery (sporting a full c-section scar) to remove 3 baby cysts so I’m a little surprised it can be done in office. Maybe my doctors just wanted to do surgery.

    • I had a cyst removed a few years ago surgically. It was a cyst caused by endometriosis. The cyst I had this time was a functional cyst which apparently is totally different. They basically aspirate using the same method as an egg retrieval. They use an ultrasound wand to guide a needle through the vaginal wall and draw out the fluid. But the only anesthetic is a topical spray that they sort of squirt inside of you. I know with the other type of cyst I had surgery was necessary, but with this kind apparently not.

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