Filling Up the Space

I didn’t really mean to drop off the face of the blogging world since my last update, but this girl has been busy. The day I found out my cycle had been postponed due to my cyst/progesterone level I was pretty bummed. I was doing everything I could to keep a positive attitude but it was just so disappointing. That night my husband and stepson came home with some awesome flowers for me and we had a nice family night together. The next morning I woke up feeling better, but also with the urge to plan some fun things in the next three weeks while I was back on BCP.

First we decided to have a little getaway for president’s weekend. We both had Monday off, and my stepson was supposed to be in Seattle with his mom. We decided to meet in Orange County on Friday evening (my husband was traveling the last half of the week). It all worked out perfectly as our flights were both on-time and landed just minutes apart. There was no line at the rental car counter which felt like a miracle on a Friday evening of a holiday weekend. We were on our way to my brother’s house in no time and didn’t even hit any traffic. I began to question if we were actually in Southern California. We grabbed a late dinner with my brother and his girlfriend and then were so exhausted we were asleep as soon as our eyes hit the pillow.

On Saturday morning I had the AWESOME opportunity to meet the wonderful girl I was paired with in Amateur Nester’s card exchange this fall. After the card exchange we began exchanging emails and texts. It was so awesome to meet her face-to-face and we literally chit-chatted about everything for two hours without missing a beat. It was like seeing an old friend. We had so much in common. I am just so disappointed that I we didn’t take a photo!

After my visit with her we spent the rest of the day with my husband’s sister and her family. I have two nieces that are 6 and 2. They are a lot of fun and the two year old is a total spitfire. That evening we were able to go out to a nice dinner with just my SIL and her husband.

Sunday we spent the day with my brother and his girlfriend (who is a close friend of mine). After breakfast the boys headed to a brewery they wanted to check out and we headed to the beach. It was super foggy but we still had a great time and hiked about 5 miles. At the end of our hike we grabbed a burger and shakes from Shake Shack (SO GOOD!) and then headed back to have a nap before spending the evening hanging out with the boys.

Monday unfortunately my brother had to work, but his GF, my husband and I headed back to a different beach for a walk. We decided on Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna Beach. There is just under 500 steps down to the beach. The way down is challenging because it’s pretty steep, but the way back up was killer! But also good exercise. We ended up running into a good friend of ours which was such a fun surprise! There was no fog that day at all, in fact is was over 80 degrees! There is something about the ocean that just makes me feel calm and happy.

Overall it was a super fun weekend and exactly what I needed. I have exactly 7 days of BCP left (last pill is next Thursday). The same day as my last pill my brother’s GF will be coming up here to visit! We have a whirlwind weekend planned including a day in Tahoe and a day in San Francisco. She will be moving out of CA soon and she wanted to try to see a few things before she goes and I am happy to be part of the experience! It should also make those last days waiting for AF to arrive go quickly which is a big plus.

I know that when I finally start my IVF meds it’s going to be a rollercoaster so right now I’m just trying to enjoy life and not think about it too much.


3 thoughts on “Filling Up the Space

  1. What a thoughtful husband and stepson! And SO COOL you got to meet a buddy in person! I am fairly new to the IF online community so I don’t know anything about her card exchange but it sounds so lovely indeed ❤

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