A Watched Pot (UPDATED)

Last week when the nurse called to let me know about my positive beta she told me that my next beta (#3) would be at an outside lab. At the time I didn’t have an issue with it, even knowing that meant I wouldn’t get results until the next day. Beta #1 and #2 are included in the cycle fees paid upfront, but Beta #3 is not, but it can be billed to insurance. What I don’t totally understand, is why they can bill my insurance for my six and eight week ultrasounds, but make me to an outside lab rather than using their lab. Couldn’t they also bill insurance for this simple blood test? At this point I would actually have preferred to just pay for their lab to do it!

I went to Labcorp yesterday at 7:15 am. Today at noon I’m still waiting for results. I am stalking my patient portal like a total crazy refreshing every few minutes (something I teased my husband about doing when we were waiting for our original results to post).

Honestly this wait has been worse than the TWW for me. Thankfully I had acupuncture this morning, which did help my anxiety significantly, but still my patience is dwindling. I have been praying a lot, mostly for peace, over the past 48 hours. I am trying my best to give this to God. After almost 5 years of infertility I am just terrified of losing the thing I have prayed so hard to get.

My sweet friends have been great to check in on me the last week so see how I’m feeling, which is great…..except I actually feel mostly normal. The changes I feel are subtle. I am a little more tired than normal, but nothing crazy. I have reflux some times, but not always. My boobs are a little tender to touch. I got a terrible headache after running errands Saturday that I think was caused by not staying hydrated enough. I do have to pee very frequently. I am up 2-3 times a night at least. I barely made it through acupuncture today even though I went right before my appointment. Otherwise I feel pretty normal. And when I respond to text messages letting them know I feel good/normal I almost feel like they are disappointed. And then I start to freak out that I should be feeling more.

I am anxiously awaiting confirmation that things are ok. Honestly its really surprising to me how hard this part has been for me. I am not usually a worry-wort about things. I can barely concentrate at work! I finally put my headphones on with some Hillsong to try and relax, and thought that writing out my feelings would be therapeutic. I actually might take a quick walk around my building! Because a watched patient portal never gives you want you want!


After writing this post I went on a nice walk listening to Pandora and came back to my desk and tried to focus on work, only letting myself check my patient portal every 15 minutes.  At 1:15 there was finally a new result.  I said a quick prayer and then opened it.  My Beta #3, taken at 5 weeks 2 days, was 5148, which is a doubling time of 48.2 hours!  I am breathing a huge sigh of relief.

The clinic actually called like 2 minutes after I saw the result, and my six week ultrasound is scheduled for next Tuesday.


13 thoughts on “A Watched Pot (UPDATED)

  1. I felt the same way in the early stages. How could you NOT worry and fret when so much has been taken or withheld from you in the past? Once you see things continue to progress in a healthy direction, at some point you may find yourself relaxing and trusting things will be okay. I think it was around 9 or 10 weeks in that I felt this switch happen for me, thankfully. Best of luck to you and a healthy 9 months!

  2. Hope you will get your beta soon. LabCorp is little late in posting results in portal. I think it goes to your doctor’s office first and then they will release it for you. Can you call the portal customer service and ask them to connect you to the medical records release team.? I have been getting my beta like this for past 2 weeks. I use Providence MyChart and not LabCorp portal. Hoping the very best to you.

  3. Hi I am a new follower and just wanted to comment, I understand how hard this wait is and my clinic did the same thing with the beta testing everything after the 2nd beta has gone to an outside clinic which is ridiculous but those number are great! I hope you have a wonderful 9 months to look forward too! Ps I too am pregnant with my first after 5 years of wanting nothing but this baby! I am currently 12 weeks 🙂

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