Worth It

Basically the minute after our close friends and family found out I had my transfer I started getting daily text messages asking me how I was feeling. It was really nice to feel loved and that people were there for me and wanted to check in on me.

And then I got a positive beta. More text messages asking me how I was feeling. For the most part I felt really normal, but when I would respond and say “I feel good!” I could almost feel the disappointment from whoever was asking. So I started to respond saying “Good, but I am a little more tired than normal” or “Good but I am having a little reflux”. And then they would get really excited and say things like “well that will only get worse”, or “get used to it I was always so exhausted”. Basically everyone was really excited to share their own pregnancy symptoms with me. It got to the point that I started to freak out a little because I did feel so good for the most part, that maybe something was wrong.

While some people get symptoms earlier a lot of women (especially the fertile who aren’t over evaluating every single little feeling) don’t notice anything until six weeks.

After beta #3 I started getting more specific messages like “so has morning sickness hit yet?” or “are you throwing up yet?” Everyone seems super excited for me to be sick. Maybe so they can tell me how sick they were? I don’t know. I don’t really get it.

So on Tuesday night my dog woke me up at 3 am to pee (a bad habit she has), and I actually did feel sick. I had actually slept from 10 to 3 which is the longest I had gone without getting up to pee in the past few weeks, and my stomach was obviously completely empty. I didn’t actually throw up, but I could have easily. I finally ate some applesauce and was able to go back to sleep after like an hour and a half. When I woke up a few hours later I was still a little queasy but I ate something and it passed.

The next day my mom text me asking if I was feeling sick yet later in the day. I told her I thought I had felt some morning sickness around 3 am and her response was, “well it’s worth it.”

Do you really need to tell me it’s worth it? I wasn’t complaining. I didn’t even bring it up. She asked. I will throw up every single day and night for the next 8 months if it means that I get to bring home a healthy baby. And quite frankly if I do get super sick I have every right to be miserable and even complain, but that absolutely does not mean that I don’t think it’s worth it. I am fully aware that I asked for this…..I paid tens of thousands of dollars trying to have this…….and I literally pray to thank God for it every single day.

So it might just be the pregnancy hormones which have made me a little more moody and sensitive than usual, but I was pretty pissed that she would have the nerve to say that to me. If almost felt like a lecture. At that point I pretty much cut off the conversation.

I am sure that this is just the beginning of months, or years, or unsolicited advice and comments about all things pregnancy and parenting (as if I haven’t already had enough about how to get pregnant over the years), and honestly even that will be worth it if it means I get to bring home a healthy baby.


7 thoughts on “Worth It

  1. Whatever! Maybe you will be lucky and not be super sick! Happens all the time to be people! I hope for a healthy pregnancy for you- not thag you experience morning sickness 😉😘

  2. It is the beginning of unwanted advice for sure, but yes.. No one has to remind you that it’s worth it. I actually didn’t have any symptoms the first trimester and it completely freaked me out bc everyone kept asking and expecting me to be sick. It’s quite honestly the only time I prayed that I would start feeling like crap.

    • I totally know what you are saying! Like no I don’t want to feel crappy but at the same time its reassuring! It is just so funny how much everyone is so interested how sick I am!

      • It won’t stop either.. I did find that most people ask bc they want to complain about their pregnancies and tell their stories, so even when someone would ask how I was feeling and I felt terrible, I would lie every single time. I just could listen to fertile complaints.

  3. lol I totally could have written this post! when my family would ask I started saying I feel like crap yay! or I’m so happy I feel so sick! but honestly I am happy every little symptom because it’s a bit reassuring the days I felt great are the days my paranoia is at it’s worst! I actually only told my sister and best friend that we were going through another cycle because I got so overwhelmed the previous cycles! But now that everyone knows I get constant texts with unsolicited advice! And the hormones do make it worse I think… or maybe I’m just sensitive either way 🙂 I too get up to pee a billion times a night! Oh the joys of pregnancy 🙂 you can complain on here all you want you’ll have a ton of open ears! it’s okay to complain all other pregnant women get too

  4. I totally would have gone to lecture mode!

    You are a stronger person than I am!

    And yes, as said before, even if you do complain (which you didn’t) it is okay!

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