37 weeks 4 Days!!!!

I can’t believe I made it to this point.  Its surreal.  My pregnancy went incredibly fast.  Everyone keeps asking me if I am just done being pregnant at this point, and really the answer is no.  I mean I am uncomfortable and I am ready to be able to be more independent, and of course I am so excited to meet my girls, but we are not having more kids so this is my only time being pregnant and I am just trying to savor the last few days.  I just don’t want to wish away a minute of this whole experience.

Thank you everyone for all of the support over the past year.  You have been amazing and I am so grateful for you all.


How Far along: 37 Weeks 4 Days.   ONE WEEK UNTIL MY C-SECTION

Total Weight Gain: 36 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Also my husband’s gym shorts and t-shirts around the house or to sleep in.

Movement: Yes. Pretty much all the time.  And lots of hiccups.

Stretch marks: No

Sleep: The past few days it has been way better.  I have been able to go to sleep around midnight and sleep for up to 2 and a half hours at a time.  This is magic compared to the previous weeks when I was sleeping only 3-4 broken hours per night.

Best moments:  I am so grateful that my NST’s have gone well. I also had our last meet up with the pregnant moms (until our babies are here) in our twin mom group. I was really uncomfortable but I am so happy I went.

I had my last appointment with my OB this week before the babies arrive.  She told me again that I was meant to carry twins.  I am so insanely grateful for what an easy pregnancy this has been overall, especially after 16 weeks.

Miss Anything: Bending over.   Being able to just do what I need to do without help.

Food Cravings: Still ICE!

Anything make you feel queasy or sick: no

Showing: Yes!

Gender: GIRLS!

Labor signs: A few Braxton hicks here and there but that’s it.  I haven’t had any contractors during my NSTs at all.

Symptoms: Hip pain on the right side. Heartburn. Insomnia. I pretty much can’t sit up straight at all without it hurting.  My back aches when I am on my feet for too long.  Slight swelling in my fingers.

Belly Button: WAY OUT

Wedding Rings: Off

Mood: Overall happy.

Looking Forward to: Meeting my babies in the next week.


How Will I….

A few years ago one of my best friends had a baby girl. I still remember going to visit her for the first time, and holding her newborn. She just laid on my chest sleeping, for well over an hour while we talked. She was probably around 10 days new. All I could think was, how does she ever put this sweet baby down? They are only that tiny for a very short time.

Being less than two weeks away from holding my own newborn daughters I can’t imagine putting them down. Once I finally get to hold them in my arms and kiss the top of their sweet little heads how will I let go even for a second? The time I have with them before they start to discover the world around them is so brief. I know the reality is that you have to let go, and let them grow but right now all I can think about is those first days.

There are a lot of scary things about those days. Trying to feed them. Managing my own recovery while taking care of them. Keeping them safe. Adjusting to a new schedule that includes very little sleep. It is all so intimidating. But none of it compares to the thought of just being able to hold them.

Each day we get closer to their arrival it becomes more of a reality (and less of a dream) to be able to hold them in my arms. After waiting 5 years for the opportunity I really don’t know if I will ever be able to put them down.