Three and a Half Months

The girls will be 15 weeks tomorrow.  That is absolutely insane.  I cannot even believe how fast this has gone.  I am treasuring every single second with them this week because next week I will be back at work.  I am not complaining because I know how absolutely blessed I am that I have a good job with EXCELLENT health insurance.  I am not complaining because I was able to take 5 months off including what I had to take beforehand due to the risk of preterm labor.  I am not complaining because the girls will be in excellent hands with our Au Pair who has already spent the last 6 weeks helping me take care of them.  I know how insanely blessed I am to have all of this but going back to work is going to be hard.  I just can’t imagine not being with them all day.  Even when they are grouchy and crying I don’t mind.  I just have this huge ball of anxiety in my stomach about what Monday will be like.  And Tuesday……Tuesday will be torture because on my second day back I have to fly to Souther California for a mandatory meeting.  IF everything goes on schedule I will be gone for 15 hours and I will hopefully be home to put them to bed.  HOPEFULLY.  My heart is breaking just thinking about it.  

The girls are doing awesome.  As long as they are on their schedule they are very happy easy babies who rarely cry.  They sleep about 11 hours straight at night. We always put them down awake and they are able to put themselves to sleep with out crying.  Occasionally they wake up in the middle of a nap.  Baby K just needs a binky and she’s right back out.  Sometimes we have to let baby T cry but she puts herself back to sleep in less than 3 minutes (I set a timer and go in to soothe her if she cries longer than 3 minutes which is RARELY).  

One week shy of 3 months my struggle with breast feeding ended.  I won’t say I gave up……more that I fought like hell and one day there was just nothing.  It was extremely difficult and emotional and honestly I don’t really want to rehash it.  It is probably the only thing that has been disappointing these last three months.

Both girls smile and laugh regularly.  Baby K is much more sensitive and serious but still gives huge smiles.  Baby K is also about a pound heavier and a much better eater than baby T.  They both still hate tummy time.  They are starting to really enjoy playing with toys and they LOVE their Jellycat bunnies that a friend gave them shortly after they were born.  I think these will end up being their “lovey” so I bought a second set just in case (we lost my stepson’s favorite stuffed animal when he was 5 in a hotel…….I searched for hours on eBay and ended up finding a replacement for $60!).  

They went on their first airplane a few weeks ago to Colorado to visit my mom and grandma.  They were excellent on the plane and in the airports.  The hard part was all the stuff we had to haul with us!  I was afraid there schedule would be destroyed and they would stop sleeping all night while we were there.  Napping while we were there was challenging for them but they still slept all night and got right back on track when we got home.

I am currently working on transitioning out of a swaddle.  We still swaddle at night but they have been napping in transitional swaddled.  T uses the Sleep suit which looks ridiculous but she has taken longer naps since using it.  K uses a Halo sleep sack swaddle with one arm out.  They still sleep in pack n plays in our room at night but nap in the cribs.  Honesty I think they would be find to sleep in there room at night but it’s more that I’m not ready.  

They wear size 1 diapers and some 0-3 month clothes and some 3-6.  T is smaller so she fits in more 0-3.  They both wear 3-6 Jammies bc they are so tall.  

The new list of funny things people say:

They are shocked that they don’t look alike even when we tell them they are fraternal

They always want to know if we always put then same one on the top part of the stroller or the same spot in the car (um no).

Older people especially like to tell me how full my hands are or act shocked when I am out with them by myself.

Baby gear must haves:

Lilliebaby carrier and Solly baby wrap

Honest healing balm

Twin Z Pillow

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Seats

City Select Stroller

Jellycat Bunnies!

Baby Brezza (NEWEST LOVE)

Dr Browns Wide Neck Bottles

4Moms Pack n play

Ubbi Diaper Pail

Munchkin Sterilizer

Boon Drying Racks

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